February without alcohol: retailers adapt

Février sans alcool: des commerçants s'adaptent

The month of February, which is used for several not to drink alcohol, will not have done too much evil to the restaurant owners of the region. Microbreweries, bars and restaurants were generally not seen to decrease to goodwill in connection with the month without alcohol, but some have even adapted.

This is the case of the Tavern-American O white-tailed Deer, which has offered its customers beverages without alcohol. A card featuring eight beers, eight cocktails and three wines has been developed. “We want to offer different options of juice,” says the co-owner of the restaurant, Maxime Saumier-Demers. The beers of the Bockale, a microbrewery in Drummondville, which has made a range without alcohol, with IPA, were pretty popular. In cocktails, which sells a lot is the gin-tonic without gin. We made an infusion with the herbs and spices that are generally found in a gin. It tastes really similar, ” he said.

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For the rest, a restricted menu of drinks without alcohol in the Tavern American O Deer will be available. “We’re going to really target the products that are well sold. Before you have the card, we always had three beers without alcohol on the floor, then we will drop to four. We might be in turn a guest from time to time. We are also going to keep four cocktails, ” says Mr. Saumier-Demers.

“The wine, it is more difficult. We have not sold a lot, ” he admits. Wines without alcohol are very sweet, it looks like it is the juice, especially in the red. It has a white quite interesting “, adding that the cocktails are sold at $ 8, and beers range between 5 and $ 7. The bottles of wine are $ 20. “

At The Siboire

In addition to having two beers without alcohol that are brewed elsewhere, the microbrewery Le Siboire also serves as a great apple.

“I couldn’t say that I saw a huge difference with the past years and months past, the business manager of the Siboire Dépôt, Christophe Dareau. It was never a big month. Our sales of beer without alcohol increased slightly, from five to ten percent. “

What is a beer without alcohol could be brewed by the Siboire? “In the past, the demand was not there,” says the co-owner of the company, Jonathan Gaudreault. This year, I have not heard of the month alcohol-free for my customers, but in the media and social media. For next year, if our customers tell us that it would be of interest, it is not impossible that there’s a beer without alcohol in our establishments for the month of February. “

King Hall

At King Hall, the owner, Maxime Pothier, do not expect the months of February to provide non-alcoholic beverages to its customers. “We have a nice variety of five beers and five cocktails without alcohol in addition to a kombucha on tap. We are working very hard to develop the no-alcohol, even outside of the month of February. Designated drivers in general are made to drink of the liquor. We try to find something interesting, ” he said.

Is it that he sees a decrease in traffic due to a month without alcohol? “Not at all. I don’t see any difference. Most of the world who tries to make the months without the alcohol fails. Others do it during other months of the year, ” says Mr. Pothier.

Février sans alcool: des commerçants s'adaptent

Dr. Mélissa Généreux : “It is safe to have an episode of abuse after abstinence, it can lead to more problems than an episode of abuse that follows a regular consumption. ”

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A good binge to celebrate ? Bad idea !

High consumption of alcohol following a one-month detox could be more harmful than usual, according to the director of public health of the Estrie, Dr. Mélissa Généreux. According to it, a brush after a month without alcohol could cause more pain.

“We, us, our week of spring break arrive right after the month without alcohol,” she says. This is in link with the caveat that we want to do. Our enzymes are used to metabolize the alcohol will decrease during the four weeks of abstinence. It is sure to have an episode of abuse after abstinence, it can lead to more problems than an episode of abuse that follows a regular consumption. This is not a good idea to go take a brush when it’s been four weeks that we didn’t drink. It may be less well tolerated by the body, ” says Dr. Generous, specifying that the evils of hearts, belly and head can happen more quickly than usual.

“The other thing is that, in the end, if you wash the awareness with a month without alcohol and that we consume too much 11 months of the year, this is really not a good idea. If the goal is to exonerate and to increase to a level above what is recommended, it is not more ahead of time, ” she adds.

Is the month without alcohol is good or bad? “This is not black or white. The concept is a good one. It is a mode that exists elsewhere. Yes, there are benefits. There has not been a lot of research, but a researcher has assessed a thirty good drinkers. After four weeks, there are a lot of benefits that have been noted, such as reduction of fat in the liver, insulin resistance which can cause diabetes, improved blood pressure, cholesterol and weight loss, ” says the one who is also a professor approved for the University of Sherbrooke.

“They have compared, in other studies, two groups over six months, continues Dr. Generous. The one who stopped drinking for a month and the other who was trying to reduce its power consumption, without going through the challenge. According to this study, the fact of going through this challenge will ensure that, six months after the challenge, we will have a consumption on average lower than those who have not participated, ” she says, adding that the Month without alcohol is a great opportunity to ask questions and to make the point on its consumption.

In addition, do not drink alcohol for a month and has only a slight link with the weight. “To lose one pound of fat, it is necessary to have an additional expenditure of 3500 calories. Each consumption of alcohol is between 100 and 150 calories. If you decrease one drink per day for 28 days, you’ll almost drop your calorie intake a pound. That is if the glass of alcohol is not replaced by a dessert! “, she summarizes.

No problem, but not alcohol

Like many, Jade Royer believes that it has no problem of consumption. The 21-year-old has decided to stop using tobacco, cannabis and alcohol the time the month of February. She can now say : mission accomplished.

Ms. Royer admits that the first week has been more difficult. “I was not drinking all day, I was doing more the end of the week. When friends took some, I felt like it. I told myself that I was capable, that I was strong and I managed. I’m really proud “, she says, smiling. A friend has also completed the same challenge.

“Strangely, the cigar has been the most difficult to stop,” she adds. I could take three or four times a week, but never alone, always for pleasure, ” says Jade Royer, who, at times, was able to drink one or two glasses, and at other times drank 26 ounces of hard alcohol in a single evening.

In addition, the young woman is feeling better, both mentally and physically. “I was taking cannabis and smoking about four times per week, always in a context of leisure. Cannabis does not help with the memory. At the beginning, I was more sad, less jovial. Now, I am more motivated. I’ve done a challenge workout also and in 28 days I lost eight pounds. This is another pride “, she says.

“Friday we have a party so we will celebrate it! But from the month of march, I want to consume less frequently “, she summarizes.

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