Because the planes tend to stay on the ground during the pandemic, pilots are lacking in routine. In Australia there were even incidents.

Incidents occurred at the Australian airline Qantas.

fatal errors - Due to Corona, pilots are missing the routine

For example, the pilots forgot to release the parking brakes at take-off.

Fatal errors - pilots missing because of corona the routine

In Switzerland, too, the crew is lacking routine due to the corona break.

That's what

  • Pilots worldwide fly less because of the pandemic.

  • That is why many people lack routine and mistakes can occur.

  • The staff must therefore take more time for their tasks, says the Aeropers pilots' union.

All over the world, aircraft have remained on the ground since the pandemic. The Corona break not only harms the airlines economically – it also leaves traces on the staff: Pilots of the Australian airline Qantas are currently making fatal mistakes, as «Bild» writes.

So it happened that the parking brakes were not released at takeoff. The pilots also messed up the altitude and speed of the aircraft. It also happened that switches in the cockpit were in the wrong position and external inspections of the machine were not carried out in a concentrated manner before take-off.

The pilots lack routine. Tasks that were previously done with minimal effort now take more time and reduce attention. At Quantas, they are now relying on special reintegration programs.

Take more time for tasks

In this country too, pilots fly less and have longer interruptions, as confirmed by the Aeropers pilots' union. “The routine is not the same as before the pandemic,” says a spokesman for 20 minutes.

It is therefore important that the crew is aware of this fact. When certain processes no longer run as automatically as they used to, the staff has to take more time to complete the tasks. «But it has been shown that the routine is regained very quickly.»

Training in the flight simulator is a must

Aeropers has no knowledge that incidents have occurred due to the longer Corona breaks. “It makes sense that every pilot receives enough training that he or she feels really comfortable again and that not only the minimum legal requirements are met.”

The law requires three take-offs and three landings within three months. The Swiss crew will now receive additional simulator training depending on the absence from flight duty. Pilots who were not ready for deployment for medical reasons are prepared for deployment again in individually adapted programs.

Not all pilots are underemployed: “At Swiss, for example, the B777 crews are very heavily burdened and the A220 pilots work practically as much as they did before the pandemic,” explains the Aeropers spokesman. Overloading can also lead to errors and must be prevented.

Swiss brings cabin crew back

Swiss had to issue 550 redundancies in 2021 due to the Corona crisis. A total of 334 cabin employees lost their jobs. The airline had to contact the dismissed flight attendants again in December. Because now there is a shortage of staff at Swiss. The ex-employees can return in April 2022.

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