Family baffles and death in church

The Saguenay Police Service (SPS) experienced an eventful Christmas Eve. The evening was marked by the death of an 85-year-old man, a few minutes before the celebration began at St-Alphonse Church, on rue de la Fabrique, in La Baie.
D es SPS officers went to the scene after receiving a call that a man was a victim of cardiac arrest. A plainclothes paramedic who was on site for mass had already started resuscitation operations, which were continued by the police and the paramedics. The man unfortunately died in the minutes that followed.

Lieutenant Denis Harvey of SPS said that the event was unusual and that it was his first in 30 years of service.

Lots of baffles

The SPS has also been called upon to intervene in numerous cases of family disputes, as is often the case on 24 December. Lt. Harvey also reported receiving noise complaints from several citizens.

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