False nurse criminally accused

Jonquière’s false nurse, who had been found out after practicing for 20 years, was criminally charged. Nathalie Bélanger, who is 50 years old, will have to answer nine counts, notably for making false documents, fraud and identity theft.
T he indictments were filed Tuesday by the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP). The accused has not yet appeared, her case being set for February 21, before a judge of the Court of Quebec, at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi.

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The stratagem of Nathalie Bélanger, who notably practiced in the operating theater of Jonquière hospital, was discovered last spring.

The woman is said to have used the license number of another nurse with the same name, who also works in an establishment in Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean.

The false nurse, who practiced for 20 years in Jonquière, faces nine criminal charges.

The pot of roses was discovered when the woman enrolled in a refresher training course dedicated to nurses. The woman’s identification number did not match the location of the practice. An internal investigation had been opened.

The Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) immediately dismissed the woman, before filing a complaint with the Saguenay police. Following the police investigation, the Crown finally laid nine charges under the Criminal Code.

The majority of the counts concern the production of false documents. In particular, the nurse is accused of having produced a false curriculum vitae, on which she claimed to have graduated in 1992, a false college diploma in nursing, a false certificate of enrollment on the Table of the ” Order of Nurses of Quebec and false evidence of payments to the contributions of the Order.

She is also accused of having carried out and finalized training as part of her duties when she was not entitled to it and of defrauding the CIUSSS and the Jonquière hospital in the amount of more than 5,000 $. The total amount is not yet known. It was not possible to know whether it was an amount relating to the salary she received.

The false nurse will also have to respond to a charge of identity theft with the intention of obtaining a benefit for herself.

No charge relates to the safety or health of the patients with whom she worked.

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