Meta wants to create 150 jobs in Zurich by the end of 2022. The new employees will mainly work in the field of virtual reality.

The Meta office in Zurich. 150 more employees are to move in here by the end of 2022.

Facebook wants to go to Zurich further develop the virtual world

New VR glasses with the name Cambria are currently in the works. In the picture an Oculus Quest all-in-one VR device.

 Facebook wants to further develop the virtual world in Zurich

The company also works with the ETH and EPFL Lausanne.

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  • The parent company of Facebook is expanding its Zurich location.

  • By the end of 2022, a further 150 employees are to work in the field of virtual reality.

  • The company is also working with the ETH and EPFL Lausanne on this.

The parent company of Facebook – Meta – is expanding the Zurich location and also wants to create jobs with it: 200 people are already working at the location, and another 150 positions are to be filled by the end of 2022. But what will you work on? The focus will be on the “Reality Labs”, explains the head of the Zurich location, Rasmus Dahl, in an interview with the “Tages-Anzeiger” (paid item). In Zurich, for example, the algorithm was programmed that makes it possible to create an almost natural experience when the person with virtual reality glasses moves in virtual space.

Dahl said in an interview that new VR glasses with the name Cambria are currently in the works. This is a further development of the Quest 2 virtual reality headset and, with new sensors, should enable a virtual avatar, among other things, to maintain eye contact and reflect on one's own facial expressions.

For this, the company needs specialized specialists and is working on it also together with the ETH in Zurich and the EPFL Lausanne. It is not known what amounts Meta pays to the two technical universities for this.

When asked what Dahl thinks about working for a company that is regularly criticized, he says: “I read what the media write about Meta, because it affects me both as a Meta employee and as a citizen . What we are developing in the Reality Lab in Zurich is very far from what is happening on Instagram or in the Facebook app. Nevertheless, the criticism hits us. »

Facebook became Meta

The Facebook group changed its group name to Meta. The umbrella company with services such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Portal or Novi has been called Meta since the end of October 2021. With the new name, Mark Zuckerberg wants to direct the focus to the new virtual environment «Metaverse», in which he sees the future of digital communication – and also of his company.

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