The DJ got infected with Corona at a family festival. Only a few days later, the 38-year-old was handcuffed to the hospital bed. Weakened but relieved, she was allowed to go home.

The ex-miss had to go to the ambulance due to her severe corona disease to the hospital.

 Ex-Miss Nadine Vinzens was admitted to the hospital with a blue light

The full-time DJ spent two weeks under medical supervision – in the meantime even in the intensive care unit.

 Ex-Miss Nadine Vinzens was admitted to the hospital with a blue light

Also her friend, the Frankfurt techno DJ Mark Reeve got it.

That's what

  • Nadine Vinzens (38) and her boyfriend Mark Reeve (43) infected with Corona at a family party.

  • Although both of them are vaccinated, they had to struggle with a severe course of the disease.

  • The ex-miss and the producer were so bad that they were both in the hospital for weeks .

  • “In the meantime I was really afraid for my life and Mark's,” she says.

  • She was still weak Left the hospital yesterday.

About a month ago, Nadine Vinzens and her boyfriend Mark Reeve (43) visited his family in Germany. Only a few days later, Miss Switzerland from 2002 feels weak. A test confirms the suspicion: you and your boyfriend are both corona-positive. The couple go into quarantine and think nothing of it, as the 38-year-old reveals: “We are both vaccinated and have expected cold-like symptoms.”

But it turns out differently: The well-known techno DJ gets less air from day to day until he finally lands on the ventilator. In an Instagram post he addressed his fans and wrote: “I hope I survive this chapter of my life because there is still so much I want to do and see.” There is great concern for Vinzens' friend. But the former beauty queen also fights against the high fever for days, plus nausea and headaches. “At some point, my body couldn't stop and collapsed,” she says. “Then the ambulance had to come and take me to the hospital.”

«I was afraid for my and Mark's life»

While the virus settles in Reeve's lungs, in Vinzens it is the liver and abdomen that are most affected. “In the meantime I was really afraid for my life and Mark's. I'm glad we're both still alive. Who knows how it would have ended if we hadn't been vaccinated. ” The full-time DJ had always believed in the virus that it could be so serious, but was far from her until then. «We are in an unfortunate situation. I was also skeptical and scared about the vaccination, but I'm glad I did. Everyone should do it, ”the Churwoman appeals. She said she chose the Johnson & amp; Johnson.

Nadine was released from the hospital yesterday. Your friend should be able to leave the hospital by tomorrow at the latest. «I still feel a little weak. Since I couldn't eat or drink during this time, I've lost ten kilos in the past two weeks, ”reveals Nadine. She currently only weighs around 45 kilograms. At the same time, she makes it clear: “I was already delicately built, even though I ate well.”

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