The princess has been struggling with health problems for months. The concerns about the 43-year-old do not stop there. Nicole Coste is one of those who doesn't really change that.

Nicole Coste, Prince Albert's ex-girlfriend, spoke to the Daily Mail about Charlène's condition. But she is not interested in this, it is «karma», says the 50-year-old.

& laquo; Everything that happens to Charl & egrave; ne, is karma & raquo;

Charlène's father, Michael Wittstock, also recently commented on his daughter and assured him: «I am confident that she will make it and come back much stronger.»

< img class = "aligncenter" src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/everything-what-charlegravene-happens-is-karma-9ec5cce.jpg" alt = "& laquo; Everything that happens to Charl & egrave; ne is Karma & raquo; " />

The 75-year-old and mother Lynette Wittstock (pictured with Charlène's brothers Sean and Gareth) were unable to visit the Princess during her six-month stay in South Africa because of the pandemic.

That's what

  • Princess Charlène is about is currently being treated in a private clinic outside the principality for psychological and physical problems.

  • Before that, she struggled with an ear, nose and throat infection for months and was therefore stuck in South Africa.

  • In addition to her health, the 43-year-old also has to deal with rumors about a marriage crisis with Prince Albert.

  • Nicole Coste does not pity her for this. On the contrary: The ex-lover of the 63-year-old now reported violently against Charlène to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The year 2021 was not going well with the Grimaldis. First Princess Charlène's six-month stay in South Africa because of a severe ear, nose and throat infection and several operations, followed by current treatment for psychological and physical problems in a Swiss private clinic. In addition, the rumors of a bad marriage crisis for the 43-year-old and Prince Albert just don't stop.

While her fate moves and touches the people of Monaco, one person has absolutely no sympathy for the Princess: Nicole Coste, Albert's former lover and mother of a son named Alexandre Coste.

Tense relationship between women

“I don't care what's going on with her,” the 50-year-old replied to a journalist for the Daily Mail, who she said responds to Charlène. «Why should it? Everything that happens to her is karma, ”added Coste.

The relationship between the two women has been icy since Charlene and Albert's engagement. Coste always maintained that after the announcement of the imminent wedding, the princess had simply ignored the then seven-year-old son and sidelined.

She cannot forgive the former Olympic swimmer – and even claims: “The people in Monaco love me more than Charlène. They really love and respect me. »

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