Everything but the winter of strength

Almost three years already that La Buvette is located on La Grave, with its tapas and specialties, his sire chimichurri is apparently a delight.
I did not go there.

This is not because there are too many restaurants in the Islands, on the contrary, there have never been so few, and those who stay sometimes have to reduce their opening hours, they can not find enough staff.

The labor shortage is hitting hard.

In fact, none of the 80,000 or so tourists who came to the Islands this summer went to drink or have a drink at La Buvette. No one noticed walking down the Chemin de la Grave when there was a restaurant inside. the cottage in gray cedar shingle, the one with four small windows and two green doors.

We must return at the end of November.

Sonia Painchaud will then hang the sign and her lover Etienne will be back in the kitchen, for a third winter.

“It’s really a restaurant for the people of the Islands,” says Sonia, those who spend the winter there and those who visit them. The restaurants of the archipelago usually do the opposite, they run at full speed between St. John and Labor Day, hang their aprons during the cold season.

This is especially true on La Grave, recognized heritage site in 1983 by the Quebec government, as busy in the summer as deserted winter. Remains those who are anchored to the year as Sonia, Etienne, neighbors around. “The fauna of La Grave in winter is really triumphant.”

The irreducible Gauls.

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