On January 21st, the jungle camp will enter the next round – this time in South Africa. RTL explains to 20 minutes which corona measures the celebrities have to comply with -enter-will-regularly-tested-ac51f69.jpg” alt=”«Everyone who enters the jungle camp is regularly tested»” />

These are the twelve new jungle campers of 2022. Or, well, at least eleven of them…

A good week before the start of the season, RTL announced that candidate Christin Okpara(25) will not move into the jungle camp. The reason: “There were discrepancies about Christin Okpara's vaccination status, which could not be clarified in the short term,” said the broadcaster.

«Everyone who enters the jungle camp will be tested regularly»

Jasmine Menwill replace the candidate. The 43-year-old is the widow of reality TV star Willi Herren, who was also a contestant on the show in 2004. Jasmin's original stage name was Toy, under which she started a singing career as a nude singer on Mallorca.

That's what it's all about

  • The new season of the jungle camp, which starts on January 21 on RTL, takes place in South Africa instead of Australia as usual.

  • There are also some other changes in the 17th edition of “I'm a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here”.

  • The twelve participating celebrities are currently in quarantine and will be tested every five days at the camp using a PCR test.

  • RTL is confident that a Covid breakthrough in the jungle bubble can be prevented.

Elephants and lions instead of kangaroos and wallabies: The 2022 jungle camp will not take place in Australia as usual, but in South Africa. The twelve participating celebrities – including Harald Glööckler (56), actress Anouschka Renzi (57) and Lucas Cordalis (54) also include some reality stars – will have to try out the flora and fauna of Africa.

< p>At the request of 20 minutes, RTL media spokesman Frank Rendez assured: “Treasure hunts, jungle tests, night watch around the campfire – what the celebrities do during the day remains the same at the new location.” But there will still be a change for the viewers: “Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich will moderate the show this year in the dark from the tree house.” The moderation is broadcast live and “with a time difference of just one hour, it's dark by 10 p.m. in South Africa too.”

Celebrities are in quarantine

The pandemic brings with it further changes: “All celebrities tested negative using a PCR test before entering the country,” says Rendez. In addition, there is a quarantine obligation for travelers from Germany in South Africa: “The celebrities go into the prescribed quarantine before moving into the jungle camp together.”

Health precautions are also taken in the camp: “The entire jungle camp team from Germany as well as the entire South African crew will live and work on site in a bubble,” says Rendez. He explains: “Every person who enters the production site is tested regularly. Those involved must undergo a PCR test every five days. In addition, antigen tests are carried out regularly.”

“The entire crew has been vaccinated”

The vaccination is also intended to protect those involved: “The entire jungle camp crew has been vaccinated twice, most of them have also been boosted”, so rendezvous For data protection reasons, the broadcaster is not allowed to say whether this is also the case with the celebrities. In general, however, there is no obligation to vaccinate the participants.

Nevertheless, RTL is confident: “Thanks to the close exchange with experts, we are optimally prepared for all unexpected developments or corona cases,” says Rendez. After the production was on the brink again this year, the anticipation now outweighs: “After a year's break, everyone involved is happy and grateful to be able to produce the jungle camp again in 2022 in a sensational natural setting.”

Jasmin Herren replaces Christin Okpara

A good week before the start of the season, the prominent cast was changed again. Ex-“Are You The One?” candidate Christin Okpara (25) should actually move into the jungle camp. But: “There have been discrepancies about Christin Okpara’s vaccination status, which could not be clarified in the short time available. She will therefore not take part in the 2022 jungle camp », according to the broadcaster.

The candidate will be replaced by Jasmin Herren (43), the widow of entertainer Willi Herren. The singer has apparently traveled to South Africa as a substitute candidate and should now be happy about her upcoming entry into the jungle camp.

You can find out which other candidates will be fighting for the jungle crown in the photo gallery above.

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