A study by the Hamburg University Hospital provides new insights into the consequences of a corona infection. Accordingly, even the slightest course of the disease can damage organs in the medium term.

Even those who are not treated for Covid-19 in the intensive care unit can have long-term consequences to have.

Even mild Covid-19 courses leave traces on organs

This is shown in a study by researchers at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

Even mild Covid-19 courses leave traces on organs

In the study, 443 people were comprehensively examined after a Sars-CoV-2 infection with only mild symptoms.

That's what

  • is aboutEven mild to moderate disease courses with Covid-19 can impair the functions of the heart, lungs and kidneys.

  • This is the result of a study in which 443 people after a Sars-CoV -2 Infections with only mild symptoms have been comprehensively investigated.

  • According to the responsible researchers, this knowledge helps to identify possible organic secondary diseases at an early stage and to initiate the appropriate therapeutic measures.

According to the findings of experts, even mild to moderate courses of a corona infection can cause damage to the organs in the medium term and apparently lead to more frequent thromboses in the leg veins. That is the result of a study published on Wednesday by scientists at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). They examined 443 previously infected people around ten months after their illness on average.

Compared to the normal population, a three percent reduction in lung volume and a slightly increased airway resistance were documented in those affected. The heart exams showed an average decrease in pumping power of one to two percent. At the same time, the level of a special marker protein in the blood that provides information about the stress on the heart rose by 41 percent.

«Most important, especially with regard to Omikron»

The kidney function also decreased by two percent. According to the UKE, the researchers found a further central result in ultrasound tests that the participants were two to three times more likely to show signs of a previous leg vein thrombosis. The brain showed no abnormalities. In addition, those affected did not report any impairment of quality of life.

The study participants stated that they suffered from no or at most mild to moderate symptoms during their infection. 93 percent were treated on an outpatient basis, none was in the intensive care unit. “The knowledge that even a mild course of the disease can lead to damage to various organs in the medium term is of utmost importance, especially with regard to the current omicron variant, which mostly seems to be associated with milder symptoms,” explained the researchers.

Blood thinners after Hospital stay

Even with people hospitalized because of Covid-19, the risk of leg vein thrombosis is increased – even after the hospital stay. The administration of blood thinners is correspondingly important for them. This is shown by a study published in the journal “The Lancet” by researchers working with the vascular surgeon Eduardo Ramacciotti from the University of Michigan. In this study, the team demonstrated that 35-day thrombosis prophylaxis with the drug rivaroxaban (10 mg/day) significantly reduced the risk of a blood vessel becoming blocked by blood clots.

Even mild Covid-19 courses leave traces on organs

Patients who are admitted to hospital with Covid-19 have an increased risk of thrombotic disease after discharge Events – blood thinners can reduce this significantly.

The patients were examined in the various specialist clinics of the UKE in order to obtain comprehensive information about their state of health. The analysis supported by the City of Hamburg as part of a large-scale health study called the Hamburg City Health Study (HCHS) was published in the “European Heart Journal”.

According to the UKE, around 1300 people with a similar demographic and social background who did not suffer from Corona served as a comparison group for assessing the state of health of the study participants who had corona and who belonged to the age group of 45 to 74 year olds. All those examined came from the group of participants in the large HCHS study, in which 45,000 people were observed over the long term.

Only recently did researchers from Germany show that 40 percent of those recovered from Covid-19 have long-covid-like symptoms for more than six months. Even the young and fit are not safe from the so-called Long Covid.

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Even mild Covid- 19-exits leave traces on organs

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