In a guideline, the EU advises avoiding the terms “Christmas” and “Mary and Joseph”. This could discriminate against other cultures. Italian politicians are in a rage.

The EU advises its commissioners against using words like” Christmas “and” Maria and Joseph ” to use.

EU tilts & laquo; Christmas & raquo; and & laquo; Maria and Joseph & raquo; from the vocabulary

With the recommendations, the EU instructs the members to pay particular attention to the different when organizing events and working in groups and teams to respect the religious and cultural backgrounds of their participants.


  • The EU instructs its members in a set of guidelines to pay particular attention to the different religious and cultural backgrounds.

  • Instead of words like “Christmas”, the committee members should use “Holidays”.

  • As an alternative for the sentence “Maria and Josef »suggests« Malika and Julio »to the EU.

  • Right-wing Italian politicians saw this as a threat to their culture.

In the pursuit of political correctness, the European Union (EU) has entered sacred territory. The term “Christmas” should no longer come from the EU Commissioners' lips. You should avoid assuming that all people are Christians, says an internal guide for inclusive communication called #UnionofEquality.

As an alternative to the phrase “The Christmas season can be stressful”, the guide suggests “The holiday season can be stressful”. “Not all people celebrate the Christian holidays and not all Christians celebrate them on the same dates,” is the rationale.

The EU also wants to overturn “Mary and Joseph” from the vocabulary of the commissioners. Christian first names should give way to common first names. “Do not choose names that are typical of a religion.” The alternative for the sentence “Maria and Josef are an international couple” is: “Malika and Julio are an international couple”.

«Do not reproduce stereotypes»

The religious words are part of a table in which the EU suggests further dos and don'ts. This also includes terms with negative connotations such as colonization. Better than talking about “colonization on Mars” is “sending people to Mars”.

With the recommendations, the EU instructs its members to pay particular attention to the different religious and cultural backgrounds of their participants when organizing events and working in groups and teams. «Any language that expresses any kind of intolerance or judgment against a religious group, fuels stereotypes or segregates a religious group may not be reproduced.»

see politicians threatened/h3>

The guide has enraged right-wing politicians. They see a ban on these words and their culture and religion threatened. The European Commission does not consider Christmas to be “inclusive” enough and is also targeting the names Maria and Joseph, poisoned Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party. “That's enough: our history and our identity are not destroyed.” Lega boss Matteo Salvini spoke of a “nonsense”.

A spokesman from Brussels made it clear: “Of course we do not prohibit the use of the word 'Christmas' or discourage it.” Celebrating Christmas and using Christian names and symbols was part of a rich European heritage. However, the Commission had reminded of its duty of neutrality in relation to religious matters. The guideline is an internal document on a technical level with the aim of increasing awareness of inclusive communication.

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