Ended the adventure of the quarter Johnny Manziel with the Montreal Alouettes

Terminée l'aventure du quart Johnny Manziel avec les Alouettes de Montréal

Johnny Manziel and the Alouettes knew the rules of the game. Now, the quarterback has contravened and it is the club who pays the price.

The canadian football League (CFL) has asked the montreal-based organization to put an end to the contract of the U.s. after it has been discovered that this latter has not respected the conditions that allowed it to evolve in the canadian tour.

At the time of entry into the circuit, the CFL had been very clear : Manziel had to submit to a series of conditions, which follow a process of continuous assessment by an independent expert in the field of violence against women, a review by an attorney and one in-person meeting between the commissioner and himself.

Manziel, for his part, confirmed to the daily USA Today last June that he should also take a medication for a problem of bipolarity, and that he needed to see a therapist on a weekly basis.

Impossible to know what condition Manziel has not met. The league and the club did not want to say more about it. On social networks, Manziel defended himself to have contravened any rule whatsoever.

“When we made the decision to proceed with the transaction, we knew the risks, said Kavis Reed, the general manager of the Alouettes. According to the information given by Hamilton and the league, Manziel was in compliance with these conditions. So we decided to go ahead.

“We will always make decisions to make our team better, he added. We have taken it at the time, because we believed that Johnny Manziel would make our team better because of our workforce in this position on this date, his relationship with coach [Mike] Sherman and the information that we had collected over the years. We’re not going to apologize for having taken this kind of decision.”

Not a surprise

This decision of the LCF, however, is not a surprise for the director-general and the Alouettes, who knew for some time that the league had gone this route.

“It started in the off-season, has admitted Reed. We waited some time to see what tangent was taking this situation.”

“When we made the decision to proceed with the transaction, we knew the risks ”

Kavis Reed, the general manager of the Alouettes

Despite this, he has not seen fit to inquire about the services of the quarters of the first plan available on the free agent market, including Bo Levi Mitchell, Mike Reilly and Trevor Harris. These three-quarters were quickly found favor : Reilly went to Edmonton to Vancouver, Harris has gone from Ottawa to Edmonton, while Mitchell has decided to remain in Calgary.

“We have made excellent decisions in regards to players autonomous,” he defended. It would have made no difference to our decisions. We are very comfortable with our team currently. We will have a competition at quarterback. We believe that we have stability in this position. One of these four quarters will be our starter.”

With the departure of Manziel, these quarters are Antonio Pipkin, Matthew Shiltz, Vernon Adams son and Jeff Mathews. The Alouettes have also acquired Hugo Richard this winter. By virtue of what one could see on the ground in the end of the season, there is reason to believe that Pipkin with a length of advance.

“You can’t always take a step back at this position as an organization, he said later. We are comfortable with our quarters in place. We are convinced that one of those will climb as our fourth no. 1 in the long term.”

The Alouettes had paid a high price to get Manziel last July, conceding in return the excellent receiver remote Chris Williams, the defensive lineman part and parcel, Westerman, as well as their first two choices in the draft 2020 and 2021. The players of the offensive line Tony Washington and Landon Rice were also from Hamilton in this transaction.

According to Reed, the whole of the organisation do not regret this decision. He does not believe that the CFL will compensate the organization.

On Twitter, Manziel thanked the supporters and coach Sherman. He added that his visit to Canada he had given a taste for football and that he wanted to now get the opportunity to play in the United States.

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