The second Corona year in a row was a problem year for world aviation in many ways. It benefited flight safety. Swiss misses the top 10.

Emirates Airlines ranks 1st among the 25 largest airlines in the world (archive image)

Emirates is the safest airline in the world

In 2nd place the Dutch KLM follows.

Emirates is the safest airline in the world

Then follow the two US airlines Jetblue …

That's what it's all about

  • The Hamburg Aircraft Accident Bureau JACDEC has compiled a ranking of the safest airlines.

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    The golf airline Emirates is in first place.

  • Swiss makes it into 11th place.

< p>Aviation experts from the Hamburg Aircraft Accident Bureau JACDEC have again chosen the golf airline Emirates as the safest airline in the world this year. The world's largest operator of the double-decker A380 airliner – the largest passenger jet ever – retains its top position in a JACDEC evaluation for the aviation magazine “Aero International” (February issue). Even a risky incident shortly before the end of the year when a Boeing 777 took off in Dubai did nothing to change this positive overall rating. With a risk index of 95.05 percent, Emirates is among the 25 largest airlines in the world, ahead of the Dutch KLM (93.31 percent), the US airlines Jetblue Airways (91.61) and Delta Air Lines (91.55) and the British Easyjet (91.28). The theoretically achievable best value is 100 percent, according to the ranking published by the German Press Agency.

Air Canada (90.9) follows in sixth place, ahead of the US airlines Southwest (90.11) and Spirit Airlines (89.73) as well as Irish Ryanair (89.41) and the Arabian Qatar Airways (89.24 ). Lufthansa landed in 17th place with an index of 87.9. For the first time, the Hamburg aircraft accident investigators also published regional rankings that compare the largest airlines within their regions. Instead of a single listing with 100 airlines, there are now four individual lists, arranged according to world regions.

Swiss in 11th place

Emirates is slipping regionally behind another golf airline, Etihad Airways. However, due to the lack of traffic, it did not appear in the top ranking of the world's 25 largest airlines. In the Europe region, the Dutch KLM (93.31) leads the way, ahead of Finnair (93.16), the Spanish Air Europa (93.12), the Dutch Transavia (92.83) and the British Easyjet (91 , 28) and Norwegian (90.95). Wizzair (Hungary/89.78), TAP (Portugal/89.63), Ryanair (Ireland/89.41) and Rossiya Airlines (Russia/88.92) follow on the other places. Swiss landed in 11th place (88.34), Lufthansa (87.9) in 15th place.

“The reason for this reorganization was primarily due to the changed proportions, which had shifted in favor of many airlines with strong domestic markets such as China or the USA,” explained JACDEC founder Jan-Arwed Richter. Since there was another slump in the aviation business due to a corona-related collapse in 2021 in view of an only hesitant revival of flight activities, old accidents at the airlines were also more significant this time. Because they did not achieve sufficient passenger kilometers this year, well-known airlines such as Austrian Airlines, Eurowings and Condor are not among the European top 25. The experts calculated a risk index of 85.7, 89.71 and 88.54 percent for them.

2020 loss of 138 billion dollars

Because the corona pandemic ruined the business of many airlines again – most recently the new Omikron variant paralyzed the hoped-for upswing at the end of 2021. Before their appearance and the renewed restrictions, the general director of the IATA airline association, Willie Walsh, put the industry losses from the pandemic at a good 200 billion dollars at the beginning of October. For 2021 he expected a minus of 52 billion dollars, for 2022 still red numbers of 12 billion dollars – until the bottom line is that the industry is back to profit in 2023. With the drastic collapse in air traffic in 2020, airlines worldwide recorded a combined loss of $ 138 billion.

According to the flight safety organization Eurocontrol, all commercial air traffic in Europe last year reached 56 percent of the volume from the pre-Corona year 2019. For the year 2022, the organization is hoping for a recovery to 70 to 90 percent of the volume of 2019.

The JACDEC assessment is based on the airline's accident history over the past 30 years, the country-specific environment in which it operates, and the airlines' specific risk factors.

For the assessment, those flown by the airlines are used Passenger kilometers are an important parameter: the more of them an airline covers without an accident, the less risky and therefore safer it is in this ranking. Only the big airlines are included in the definition. In view of the corona-related greatly reduced flight activities, this time the table is again only of limited informative value.

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 Emirates is the safest airline in the world

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