Emile Schneider: a passionate and unifying actor

Émile Schneider’s year was bountiful. Cinema, television, theater, web … the actor did very well in 2019. And those who know him well are unanimous: we haven’t finished hearing about him.
T he young thirties are indeed multiplying artistic projects, with a passion and integrity that have become his signature. Film buffs could see it in André Forcier’s most recent feature, Les fleurs oubliées , which appeared in the fall.

Determined to be presented in his native region, the original Sheffordois even put pressure on social media and with broadcasters. Having her mother, the colorful herbalist Anny Schneider, say that he was as “rebellious” as she was.

In addition to playing with Émile in the Academy 3 series , the actress Juliette Gosselin shared the big screen with him in Forgotten Flowers and more intimately in Kiss me like you love me in 2016. In between, obviously, the current flows.

“Émile is someone who is truly whole and very invested. On a film set, he is the first to propose ideas to bring the reflection further and the last to complain. He moves furniture with the team if necessary! He is a super generous actor who always tries to go further than what is written on paper. It never gives the impression of working; he creates ”, points out the young woman.

Called to share very personal scenes with him, Juliette Gosselin remembers feeling completely confident. “With him, it was the easiest time. I was so comfortable. It was the perfect balance between professionalism, kindness and respect. With Émile, I have the impression that nothing can happen to me. ”

She can hardly explain why she and he do not mix more outside the profession, because “he has everything it takes to be a very good friend,” she says.

According to Juliette, Émile Schneider has the courage of an extraordinary actor. Being confined to a genre is not for him. “He is an actor who reinvents himself each time. He likes to transform and go far from what he is. He has a very strong instinct, but he also works very hard. ”

She is optimistic about the future of her colleague. “Émile is on a good streak. I hope we will see it even more. We will never get tired of it, precisely because it is constantly renewed. ”

Listening to her

Her sister, the actress Zoé Vanier-Schneider, emphasizes Emile’s humanist side. “He is a very instinctive actor who has a great listening. He is not just interested in the actors with whom they play, but also in the human beings that they are. He has a very humanistic approach to the game. ”

At the same time, she admires his ability to rally the people around him. On a set, the young man has consideration for everyone, she says. “He takes the time to take an interest in everyone. He makes people want to work with him. ”

Zoé also points out the great versatility of his elder, who, apart from his acting profession, is interested in song, music – in particular hip-hop – and drawing.

Not surprisingly, she believes that beautiful things await her brother. “Émile will become what he wants to become, but he’s off to a good start. It will make its way and few things will stop it. He even talks about the United States, ”she says.

Emile’s agent, François Legault, does not hide the international aims of his protégé either. France, he says, could in particular be in its sights.

“Émile is a very talented guy, a little energy bomb capable of coping with the unexpected,” he says. He is immensely passionate about his profession, in addition to being rigorous and unifying. ”

It should not be surprising to see him take on, in the short term, interesting first roles, assures Mr. Legault without wanting to go too far.

Some of his achievements in 2019

– Release of the film Forgotten Flowers

– Filming of the film Vinland

– Shooting of season 2 of the Dominos web-series , broadcast in 2020

– Co-writing and filming of the web series La loi c’est la loi

– Leading role in the play La société des poets disparus

– Appearance on television in The Monster and The Invisibles

Some projects for 2020

– Presentation of the piece Blood at Factory C

– Sami short film released

– Appearance on TV in the series L’Académie 3 and Victor Lessard

– Provincial tour of The Society of Missing Poets

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