Eleven children on average per kindergarten class 4 years

The 250 new four-year kindergarten classes planned by the Caquist government will open at the start of the academic year, but they will not be filled to capacity. They will average 11 children per class.
This was revealed by Education Minister Jean-François Roberge Tuesday, a few minutes before undertaking the detailed study of Bill 5, which aims to offer kindergarten to 4 years to all small Quebecers.

Kindergarten classes can accommodate a maximum of 17 children, who are cared for by a teacher and a childhood educator.

Mr. Roberge finds “very encouraging” that so many parents have made the choice to send their children to school at the age of four. He now hopes to break down the remaining “barriers”. Bill 5 provides that such classes may be opened anywhere in Quebec, and not only in disadvantaged areas.

The three opposition parties in the National Assembly, however, remain skeptical about the need to deploy kindergarten 4 years everywhere. Marwah Rizqy, member of the Quebec Liberal Party, criticizes the fact that the government spends tirelessly to open four-year-old kindergarten classes that are not full, while other older children will return to school in trailers.

The member of Parliament Christine Labrie believes that if parents in Quebec are entitled to kindergarten 4 years, they should also have the right to a place in the Early Childhood Center (CPE).

PQ member Véronique Hivon deplores the “improvisation of the government”, which has yet to unveil its plan for deployment of kindergarten 4 years. While Quebec currently has 644 classes, the goal is to have more than 3,000 within five years.

More details to come …

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