Eagles of Trois-Rivières: a cry from the heart course

Aigles de Trois-Rivières: un cri du coeur entendu

Three-Rivers — The call to the business community of the region by the president of the Eagles Marc-Andre Bergeron seems to have found echo.

A hundred people, including many business men and women, attended on Tuesday at the first press conference of the team in 2019. The time was right to announce that the cry of the heart of Bergeron, in September last, has been heard.

We remember that at the end of the season 2018, the president had orchestrated a public release to ask for a better support of the business community of Trois-Rivières and the surrounding area. However, it was learned Tuesday that since the period of the Holiday, meetings are organised with these new ambassadors, in the goal to improve the customer experience at the Stadium Stereo, and create new partnerships.

“We feel that the kettle boils, that something is being lifted”, says Bergeron, who becomes more involved in the cause for several months. “We knocked on doors, we explained why we asked for help. Looking at it today, I’m really proud of. At the base, we had to meet with these partners three or four times per year. Now, it is every Thursday in the offices of the team!”

In total, 27 ambassadors have responded to the initiative of the Eagles. The team has over 80 partners. Among these, the Foundation, the Wholesale Prices will deliver more than 1,000 season tickets to young people baseballeurs of the Mauricie region.

A lodge in the name of the company Charles Turcotte & fils will also be installed, in the first rows. “To quote a slogan of the Expo, the fun is in the stadium!”

A loan that has makes you smile Roger D. Landry, an important player in the history of Expos, at the time the team drew more sympathy from the public that the Canadian. “I’m very happy, it is remarkable to see the turnaround that has been since Marc-Andre has taken it. His involvement is important. In my mind, this is the beginning of a success. There was already a craze for the Eagles, but it took a little bit more. All citizens, Trifluviens and Mauritians should be proud of the presence of this professional team with us.”

The Greek moved

From next season, the baseball fans will have a new manager-food at the Stadium Stereo. The Crate Brewery Sports will give way to the Greek Baie-Jolie. The restaurant, an institution in the Mauricie region, has the experience of fast food by operating the There Pizza since 2017. The contract is for a period of three years.

The owner Dimitris Yannopoulos is eager to meet this challenge. He has already confirmed that it would not use the restaurant located upstairs on the stage. It will focus the activities of the food concessions in the main restaurant, near the entrance.

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