Swiss companies are running out of computers, mobile phones, monitors and docking stations. The device manufacturers even lack screws. HP recommends early orders.

PCs, mobile phones, monitors and docking stations are currently in short supply.

Because of the chip crisis, Swiss companies can hardly replace PCs

Due to the chip crisis, many factories remained idle.

Because of the chip -Crisis, Swiss companies can hardly replace PCs

Manufacturers like Apple were therefore able to produce millions fewer devices than planned.

That's the point

  • Because of the chip -Due to the shortage, the conveyor belts of device manufacturers remained silent.

  • Swiss companies now lack PCs.

  • Even billion-dollar companies like Novartis are complaining about it the delivery bottlenecks.

Lockdowns and the lack of chips have brought many factories to a standstill. IT companies like Apple produced millions of devices less than planned. Swiss companies are now running out of computers, mobile phones, monitors and docking stations.

IT departments in companies across the country are having trouble getting the desired number of devices, as the “NZZ am Sonntag” writes. Billionaire companies like the pharmaceutical multinational Novartis are also complaining about the supply bottlenecks. New orders could take up to six months.

There are even missing screws

Because there are hardly any replacement devices in stock, they replace them Companies in Switzerland now only what is really broken. Employees must therefore continue to work on their old devices for the time being.

According to one analyst, the manufacturers are missing a whole range of components. The biggest problem is therefore USB-C chips, but there is also a lack of semiconductors, processors and even computer cables and screws.

Device shortage until well into the year

At the US computer manufacturer HP, a company representative speaks of limited options and recommends early orders. The lead times would have been longer, especially for large projects by companies.

However, the company denies that it prefers private customers to companies in order to avoid shitstorms from angry customers. Only certain market segments would have had precedence at the beginning of the pandemic, such as education, government and healthcare. Today HP offers what is currently available. The shortage of PCs and other devices will continue well into this year.

80 centimes chip now costs 300 francs

Because the computer chips for production are missing, there are waiting times, according to an employee from the semiconductor industry from 100 weeks now normal. In order to prevent failures, the producers would buy up what chips are still available. That drives the prices to the absurd. “Swiss companies are now paying up to 300 francs for a chip that previously cost 80 centimes,” says the insider.

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