On the occasion of her 40th birthday, the Kensington Palace published new pictures of Duchess Kate. And these clearly show that their role in the royal family is becoming more and more important.

Duchess Kate celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday. To mark the occasion, the palace released three new photos of her taken by the famous fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

Duchess Kate Shines completely royal in the new photos

Kate is of course beautiful and absolutely majestic in the pictures.

 Duchess Kate shines completely royal in the new photos

The images will become part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London and will be included in the institution's “Coming Home” project, which shows portraits of well-known personalities in various locations with whom they have a close relationship.

That's what it's all about

  • Duchess Kate celebrates her 40th birthday on January 9th.

  • To celebrate the day, the Kensington Palace released three new photos of the Royal.

  • And these show: “Waity Katie” became “Kate the Great”, as it is called on the British Isles.

  • In the pictures, the Duchess is elegant, natural and, above all, majestically timeless.

  • On the occasion of her special day, some of Kate's close friends spoke to Royal Expert Roya Nikkhah about Kate's relationship with the paparazzi and her life alongside the future King of England.

Just in time for her 40th birthday, Kensington Palace published three new photos of Duchess Kate on Sunday. In the portraits made by the famous fashion photographer Paolo Roversi (74), the wife of Prince William (39) shines like a king. For example, Kate wears a red dress from the Alexander McQueen label and a pair of earrings from Princess Diana, two other photos show her in black and white, with open, flowing hair and her engagement ring in focus.

“Taking the portrait of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge was a great honor and a moment of pure joy for me,” says Roversi. By the way, Kate will only celebrate her special day in an intimate family circle, not with a dissolute party with the British people.

The good soul of the Windsors

And it is presumably precisely this reluctance that made its importance in the royal family grow significantly, especially in the last year. Because even after the resignation of Duchess Meghan (40) and Prince Harry (37) as senior royals, Prince Philips death and the scandal surrounding the allegations of sexual abuse against Prince Andrew (61), Kate always remained the smiling mother in public offered grieving parents a shoulder to lean on in a children's hospice and delighted the nation with her piano playing at Christmas.

“This is the woman who was a commoner, married into the royal family and who didn't trip or cause embarrassment,” says Katie Nicholl, author of Kate: The Future Queen. But it was not always as easy as it seems for the Duchess. Close friends and acquaintances of Kate's now revealed this to the royal journalist Roya Nikkhah.

Kate and her marriage to William

Fifteen years ago, Kate Middleton, then 25, became popular with the general public. The romance with Prince William had long been registered at the Scottish University of St. Andrews. After a short break in relationship and the nickname “Waity Katie” received from the British press, the two said yes on April 21, 2011.

Catherine had three children together and thus fulfilled the monarchical duty with William. And even after all that time together, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should still be a committed team that loves each other dearly. “They are still very much on each other,” reports an insider to expert Roya Nikkhah.

Kate and the paparazzi

Very early on, the duchess got the media hype to feel her person. Particularly dramatic: autumn 2012, when the French edition of “Closer” magazine published topless photos of the Duchess on the front page. Although the 40-year-old never spoke negatively about the paparazzi, she is said to have struggled with them, especially before her marriage.

According to Nikkhah, Kate is said to have had a “terrible” incident one night with a photographer who was chasing her. She never spoke about the incident in public, but as she was laying flowers at Sarah Everard's vigil, a palace source said, “She remembers what it felt like to walk around London at night.” As the British media recently quoted a friend, she was never interested in becoming famous. All she wanted was a house in the country, lots of children and a dog.

Kate and the royal protocol

The Duchess of Cambridge had a long time to get used to living by the side of the future king. Still, it doesn't seem easy for Kate either. Her friends told the Royal Expert that Kate found it “hard work” to share some of the most personal moments of her life with the world. She really had to “grit her teeth” at the photo ops right after the birth of her three children.

Kate and her place in the Windsor house

At the funeral of Prince Philip in April 2021 it became visible: Kate is the peacemaker for the Windsor. Due to the tense relationship between Prince William and his brother Harry, she tried to mediate between the two after the funeral service. She first involved her brother-in-law in polite small talk before taking a step to the side and thereby starting a conversation between her husband and Harry. A clever move that was well received by the British.

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