Anyone who followed the British program “Royal Carols: Together at Christmas” was amazed this time. In addition to Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding, Duchess Kate also gave her best.

At the British Christmas singing” Royal Carols: Together at Christmas “, Duchess Kate picked up the keys herself.

Duchess Kate plays the piano in a Christmas show

She accompanied Tom Walker on his song” For Those Who Can't Be Here “…

Duchess Kate plays the piano in christmas-show

… and enchanted the United Kingdom and even the Royals.

On Christmas Eve, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton played his Christmas song “For Those Who Can’t Be Here” on the piano, accompanied by singer Tom Walker.

The piece, recorded by candlelight at the gala at Westminster Abbey, was broadcast on TV on Christmas Eve. The song is about these people who are in self-isolation because of Covid-19, while others think of family members and friends who have lost them to the virus or other causes.

The idea with which the Duchess the enchanted whole nation, she apparently had when she saw Walker sing at a charity event in October.

Kate is said to have come up with the idea of ​​accompanying him to his Christmas performance, because music is said to have given her “great comfort” during the lockdowns, reports the British Daily Mail. Kate is said to have been “quite nervous” at the rehearsal because she had not played with another musician in a long time.

The whole plan was “very secret”

Tom Walker reported to the “Daily Mail” that the whole plan should have been pretty secret. Not just Kate, but both of them seemed to have been scared of screwing it up. Because of Corona, the two would have had to practice the song with the necessary distance on opposite sides of the room.

After practicing nine times, the song would have sat and it was recorded the day before it was broadcast. Walker also called Kate an “amazing musician” who would have invested a lot of time to get everything right.


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