Drunk man on electric scooter stopped on German highway

German police arrested a drunk 27-year-old man perched on an electric scooter on a highway on Thursday.
L is Cologne police received numerous calls about 2:20 am about a man traveling on an electric scooter along the emergency lane of the A4 motorway.

“The police located the man in a few minutes and put an end to a dangerous situation,” said a statement from the Cologne police.

The German press agency dpa said that the driver had a beer in his hand at the time of his arrest, but a police spokesperson contacted by AFP could not confirm this detail.

The 27-year-old man told officers that he “accidentally ended up on the highway,” the statement said.

A blood test showed that the man had an alcohol level more than twice the legal limit when driving. He will be prosecuted for driving while intoxicated.

German motorways are known for their portions without speed limits. Electric scooters, on the other hand, are clamped at 20 km / h.

As in many other countries, the use of electric scooters has exploded in recent months in Germany.

Some users praise the ease of getting around crowded cities, but critics say they often litter the streets, are bad for the environment and have safety concerns.

Electric scooters are prohibited on highways, but are found there regularly.

In August, a Frenchman was killed after being hit by a motorcycle while riding an electric scooter on a motorway near Paris.

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