“Double occupation”: a trans woman and three houses

One of the secrets of the success of “Double Occupancy” lies in its ability to surprise its fans. We agree that it is rarely with the physical profile of its candidates that this reality TV achieves it; they all look like dummies, and many exercise the craft.
L ‘one of them yet out from the crowd this season, since it is a trans woman, a first for the Quebec reality. And yet, when we see Khate (yes, with an “h”) for the first time, we have no clue that it’s a trans. The 23-year-old Amos candidate is a speaker and beneficiary worker, and one of seven potential candidates for the third home. Because there will be three homes this year, two girls, and the other guys. It will be up to Khate to say, or not, that she is trans to male candidates. What to arouse even more the bicker, so coveted fans and the host Jay Du Temple.

Producer Julie Snyder is ecstatic, rightly, in front of this year’s destination, South Africa. The country of Nelson Mandela is full of history and we intend to tell it, through the existential concerns of candidates. But we agree that no one looks OD for that. The three houses are located on the outskirts of Cape Town.

The demise of the OD + talk show live with the death of MusiquePlus will lengthen the season of double occupation South Africa, which begins two weeks earlier and will stop two weeks later. Candy for the fans, who want more. Thus, the first appointment is scheduled for Monday, September 16 at 18:30, with En route to OD , a series of four programs behind the scenes, which culminate in the red carpet, presented Sunday, September 22 at 18:30. Immediately after, at 8 pm, OD Extra will show us backstage, week after week.

There is more diversity among the candidates: Russia, Haiti, Algeria, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Israel, the origins are diverse. Among them, two men come from Quebec: Martin, 26 years old, ” hot accountant” and charmer in series, and Kevin – it was necessary one – 29 years old, bar manager that the girls would wrongly describe as douchebag. It’s up to him to prove the opposite. For the girls, Ophélia, 28, is a business manager in Quebec City, while Claudie, a 23-year-old YouTubeuse, comes from Saint-Georges de Beauce and calls herself an exhibitionist and a “grande frencheuse”. The most original name undoubtedly belongs to Dragos (pronounced “s”), a 24-year-old Montreal server of Romanian origin. Kiari, aka “Kiki”, a 25-year-old 6-foot-6 boy from Blainville, boasts of being “proportional everywhere”. The most original job? That of Alex-Anne, 24 years old Sorel-Tracy, figure skater on a cruise ship. Try to do better.

Some people will wonder if the guys, all straight, will be attracted to a trans woman, if it does reveal their past. Mind you, it’s quite possible and it shows. In any case, the production will let the public choose two candidates admitted automatically in the third house, without going through the red carpet. Khate is precisely in this last group. The public has until August 31 to vote on occupationdouble.noovo.ca, and it’s free.

No Bonneville home to win this year, but a condo worth $ 335,000 in Mirabel, and a bunch of other prizes for the winning couple. The candidates leave these days in three different planes, not to cross before the fateful day of the red carpet. This third edition of Double Occupation on V comes as Groupe V Média wants to sell its general network to Bell Media, while retaining its two specialty channels, MAX and ELLE Fictions.


It will be well done: the fifth season of Ruptures , which begins Monday, September 9 at 21h, mark the end of this story signed Isabelle Pelletier and Daniel Thibault. Already, this decision was mentioned at the launch of ICI Télé’s programming on Tuesday morning. Producer Fabienne Larouche confirmed the information emotionally at the press screening Wednesday, adding that it was expected from the outset that the series would span five seasons. Nevertheless, we will miss much of this series, hoping that the Gemini Academy wakes up for next year and finally gives him the appointments it deserves.

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