Doping: the ICF needs more time to decide on the case Laurence Vincent Lapointe

The International Canoe Federation (ICF) needs more time to decide on the doping case of Quebecer Laurence Vincent Lapointe.
This is what the federation said on Wednesday.

Following the hearing held in Lausanne, Switzerland, on December 9, the ICF informed Vincent Lapointe that its doping control committee will need more time to render a decision.

Under the federation’s anti-doping rules, its doping control committee had 30 days from the date of the hearing to make a final and reasoned decision. However, the committee recently informed Vincent Lapointe and his lawyer, Adam Klevinas, that he would not be able to render his decision within this time.

“We certainly hoped that the ICF Doping Control Committee would render a decision within the time limits prescribed in their anti-doping rules,” said Klevinas in a press release. However, due to the complexity of Laurence’s case, as well as other unforeseen cases facing the ICF, such as the suspension of Russia by WADA and the consequences for Olympic qualification, we understand that additional time will be required for the ICF to make a final and reasoned decision. ”

The committee said the decision could be made in as much as two weeks.

“This additional delay should in no way be considered as an unfavorable indication of the decision rendered to Laurence,” added the lawyer. We remain confident that when the ICF makes its decision, Laurence will be whitewashed and able to put this matter behind her to finally pursue her ultimate goal: to win Olympic gold in Tokyo this summer. ”

Meanwhile, Vincent Lapointe will travel to Florida to resume training. She remains temporarily suspended, but may continue to train alone, which she will do until a decision is made.

“I am certainly disappointed not to know the final decision of the committee, as I hoped,” said Vincent Lapointe. In the circumstances and awaiting the final decision, I am very happy to be able to resume training on the water. The Tokyo Olympics start in less than 200 days and I don’t have a day to waste to train as hard as I can. My dream of winning a gold medal is far from dead! I still believe in it and going back to training is the first step to put the odds on my side. ”

Vincent Lapointe underwent a positive ligandrol doping test out of competition in July.

The athlete and his lawyer will not comment further on this postponement in the proceedings.

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