The Swiss job market is recovering from the corona shock. Those who have been made redundant now have to spend less time looking for a new job. Many can improve their wages with their new employer.

Those who don't have a job now have to look for a new position less long.

done-corona-shock & ndash; Job search is now much faster

Those looking for a new job find a new job on average after 5.3 months.

Done corona shock - job search is now much faster

A year earlier it was 6.9 months.

That's what

  • The economy is booming, and that is evident on the job market.

  • Job seekers now need less time to find a new job.

  • Many people get more wages with their new employer.

< p>Good prospects for job seekers: the job market has recovered from the corona shock. The search time after a termination has decreased significantly. Those looking for a new job find a new job on average after 5.3 months. A year earlier it was 6.9 months.

All age categories benefited from this, as the labor market barometer from the von Rundstedt consultancy shows. Those under 30 find a new job after just 3.3 months. In the previous year it was 3.9 months. For 30 to 40 year olds, the search time is now 4.7 instead of 6.1 months.

For everyone over the age of 50, the situation has improved particularly significantly. Instead of 8.3 months, this age group is now looking for a new job on average only 6.9 months. This value is even below the value of 2019.

Many can improve their wages

Due to the acute shortage of skilled workers, mobility has increased beyond their own branch. Companies are increasingly forced to open their search filter, even though they would normally only hire people from their own industry.

A large number of those who have been terminated can also improve their wages in their new position. In this way, 25 percent can increase their salary with a new employer. 42 percent keep their wages at the same level and only 23 percent have to accept a drop in wages.

Fewer terminations due to reduction measures

In 2021 less than a quarter of the dismissals are due to reduction measures. According to the consulting firm von Rundstedt, this is a massive decrease compared to the previous year: At that time, 43 percent of layoffs were the result of dismantling measures. In 2021, the values ​​were roughly at the level of 2018 and 2019. The most common reason for termination is now restructuring at 44 percent. Because many companies are adapting their structures. As a result, the positions have new profiles and require new skills.

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