On Wednesday you could donate your hair to a good cause in the hair corner in Wil SG. Among other things, they benefit children suffering from cancer.

Customers could donate their hair in the hair corner in Wil.

 Donated hair becomes wigs for cancer patients Children

Anyone who could do without at least 25 centimeters of undyed natural hair was allowed to have their hair cut in Wil.

Donated hair becomes wigs for children with cancer

Here is a before/after picture.

That's what it's about

  • Anyone who has long hair was recently able to donate it to a hairdressing salon in Wil SG.

  • Wigs are made from the donated hair.

«The day was a complete success. Especially in the current Corona situation, it was heartwarming to see how many people want to do something good, ”says Sandra Rhyner, hairdresser with salon in Wil SG. “In the run-up to Christmas, people have big hearts,” says Rhyner. That was also evident on Wednesday. A total of eleven customers said goodbye to their long hair that day in order to do something good. The hair is braided into braids and then cut off. The collected hair is used to create wigs. These are then donated to children with cancer or other diseases that cause hair loss, such as alopecia areata – circular hair loss.

The hair donation campaign took place for the second time in the hair corner in Wil. Women and men who could do without at least 25 centimeters of undyed natural hair were allowed to have their hair cut in the hair corner for a price of 25 francs. Of course, you can donate hair in the hair corner all year round, but the 25-franc campaign was only valid on Wednesday.

The Wiler Salon Hair Corner is exciting during its campaign with the Kopfrausch company in Herisau, AR together. There hair is collected from different places. These are then sent from there to the production company, which processes them into wigs.

Have you or has someone you know been diagnosed with cancer?

You can find help here:

Cancer hotline, Tel. 0800 11 88 11

Children's Cancer Aid Switzerland

Cancerline, chat with specialists

< p> Regional advice centers of the Cancer League

Cancer forum

Self-help groups

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