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Does gender break our language?

 Does gender break our language?

The Youtuber Alicia Joe has dedicated herself to the topic of gender in her current video “Why gender language will fail”. As she says of herself, she is also in favor of making the language more equitable, but finds the current development problematic.

This is mainly due to the inconsistency of gender language and the fact that no well thought-out solutions have yet been found for many specific cases. In addition, the current form of gendering can also exclude minorities. For a spelling reform that is universally valid and uniform, a few subtleties would have to be clarified.

According to this study, the most successful influencers are blond and white

 Does gender ruin our language?

At the end of 2021, one of the leading strategic management consultancies published a study in which the most successful influencers in Germany were ranked.

If you take a closer look at the study, you can see that there is only one in the top 10 Man is to be found. In addition, of the remaining nine women, all are blond and white. No trace of diversity.

There are some critical voices on social media on the subject. Influencer Nihan, for example, described the study in an Instagram story as a “slap in the face” for all non-100% German influencers.

From influencer to hairdresser

ZDF is using a new series format to present YouTuber Barry Hammerschmidt to the center. The comedy series “Barrys Barber Shop”, which has been available in the ZDF media library since December 2021, revolves around the influencer Barry, who now wants to open his own barbershop.

Besides Barry, better on YouTube Known under the pseudonym «Bodyformus», other Internet giants will also be on display, which could help the format to be more successful through their reach.

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