According to media reports, the Austrian singer is said to be in a relationship again. His allegedly new girlfriend: the former office manager of the former Federal Chancellor.

Andreas Gabalier comments on the current rumors of love on Instagram.

That's what

  • Volks-Rock- ' n'-Roller Andreas Gabalier (37) is said to be in love again.

  • At least that's what numerous Austrian and German media claim.

  • According to rumors, the new partner is said to be the former office manager of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

  • The Musician now expressed himself in his Instagram story about the love speculation.

“I would really like to fall in love again,” said Volks-Rock'n'-Roller Andreas Gabalier in 2020. This wish should now have come true, at least that's what numerous Austrian and German media claim – including the “Bunte”. The 37-year-old is rumored to be forgiven again. None other than Lisa Wieser is said to have turned his head.

The 36-year-old was the office manager of former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and, like Gabalier, comes from Graz. In the Styrian capital, the two have even been spotted together quite often.

Gabalier comments on the rumors himself

Now the musician, who otherwise reveals little about his private life, comments on the speculations about his love life. Wrapped up warm, he shows himself in his Instagram story in the snow. Above him is written: the all-clear. “Hello from the Styrian mountains,” he says. “There is your people's rock'n & # x27; roller and I have to give you the all-clear about media reports about a supposed new girlfriend,” he said, taking the wind out of the sails of all the reports from the last few days.

«Lisa and I are childhood friends. We grew up in the same alley and will hopefully remain big thunder buddies for the rest of our lives, but no longer. And so I wish you a nice afternoon and hope that all ambiguities have been cleared up. ”

Is singer Andreas Gabalier newly in love? At least that is what numerous Austrian media claim.

 Does Andreas Gabalier love an ex-employee of Sebastian Kurz?

According to media reports, the new woman at his side is Lisa Wieser. She is the former office manager of the former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Does Andreas Gabalier love one of Sebastian Kurz's ex-employees?

The musician himself has already denied the love speculation in his Instagram story.

So he seems to be denied love happiness in 2021 as well. The singer has been single for two years. In September 2019, he and his long-term girlfriend and presenter Silvia Schneider (39) separated. The two were considered an absolute dream couple. Nevertheless, the relationship ended after six years together.

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