On Tuesday an injured doe was found in a meadow in Bad Ragaz. According to the police, she was hit by an unknown person in her car.

An unknown person hit a doe and then left the scene of the accident. (Symbol picture)

doe hit and left behind

Basically, a correctly acting animal accident cause has no criminal consequences to expect.

Doe approached and left lying

Basically, a correctly acting animal accident cause has no criminal consequences to be expected.


  • A doe was run over and injured on Tuesday.

  • The driver left without looking after the animal.

  • This person is committing a crime, as reported by the police.

On Tuesday night at three o'clock, the St. Gallen canton police were reported to have found a doe lying injured on the street. According to previous knowledge, the unknown person is likely to have driven their car from Bad Ragaz towards Sargans. During the overpass on the autobahn, it allegedly collided with the doe. The driver then left the scene of the accident and left the injured doe on the meadow without informing the police. The hunter had to finally release the injured doe from her suffering. The car may have suffered some damage in the collision.

Failure to report an accident with animals not only leads to unnecessary suffering for the animals concerned, the driving person is also liable to prosecution, the police continue to write. In this context, the St. Gallen canton police again draws attention to the applicable provisions. The law stipulates that in the event of an accident with animals, the police must be informed. She also knows which further measures are necessary.

No consequences if you behave correctly

In the event of an accident involving pets, the owner should be informed whenever possible. If this is not possible, report the accident to the police as well. Basically, a correctly acting animal accident cause has no criminal consequences to expect. In addition, the partial or fully comprehensive insurance usually covers a large part of the repair costs.

Accident with an animal: This is how you must proceed

  • Stop after a collision and switch on the hazard warning lights.

  • Secure the accident site with a breakdown triangle. If the animal has already fled, the scene of the accident should be marked.

  • Call 117 and inform the police (also for pets); the numbers on the street lamps can give the police information about the location of the accident.

  • Dead animals should be dragged to the side of the road by their hind paws (if it is unclear whether the animal is already dead or just paralyzed, it should not be touched).

  • Specially injured You are not allowed to approach wild animals, because they are not used to the proximity of humans. You can be all the more frightened and try to escape injured.

  • Wait for the police and provide information about the course of the accident.

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