Difficult for Yves Bourque at the world Championships of cross-country skiing paralympic

Difficile pour Yves Bourque aux Championnats mondiaux de ski de fond paralympiques

THREE-RIVERS — Yves Bourque has put an end to the world Championships of cross-country skiing paralympic difficult, Sunday, to Prince George, British Columbia.

The skier para-nordic Bécancour has taken the last place of the race of 15 km, duplicating his result in the sprint a few days earlier. The best ranking of Bourque in the World will have been his 16th place in the 7.5 km.

“Despite my results not too good, I am pretty happy with it. Ski with the best in the world, it is a feeling extraordinary. I am certain of one thing, the passion for the training and competition is well ingrained in me,” shared Bourque, Monday, on his page Facebook.

The athlete from Saint-Grégoire has also confirmed that it would resume training in a canoe outrigger, with a view of the summer season.

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