Detainee denounces conditions of detention

An inmate from Roberval prison made a long plea to judge Michel Boudreault on Friday morning at the Chicoutimi courthouse. He wanted to denounce his conditions of detention, believing that he is deprived of his medication and that he is the victim of brutality. Judge Boudreault invited him to file a complaint if he believed he was being ill-treated, after listening to him for long minutes.
I smaël Dupont has been detained in Roberval prison since October 18, after being arrested for a series of crimes committed with an accomplice, Kevin Fortin-Cormier. The two men are accused of breaking into chalets in Ferland-et-Boilleau and of stealing weapons from them. They then allegedly fled at the wheel of a stolen pickup truck, hoping to reach Western Canada. But they turned back during their journey, finding that they did not have the financial means for their ambitions.

During their return to the Réserve faunique des Laurentides, the van caught fire and the alleged thieves abandoned it, which created a certain commotion among the police force, since it was questioned whether there were any injured inside.

The two individuals were arrested a few days later, when they had taken refuge in a Sépaq chalet in the Réserve faunique des Laurentides.

Ismaël Dupont and Kevin Cormier-Fortin were back in court on Friday to set a date for their release investigation. The lawyer for the two alleged accomplices, Me Olivier Théorêt, informed the judge that his two clients had been accepted for six months of therapy and that the investigation would be held on January 9.

Mr. Théorêt then warned the magistrate that Mr. Dupont had things to say to him, concerning his conditions of detention.

Ismaël Dupont, a 40-year-old man of impressive size, arrived in the accused’s box in chains. He begged Judge Boudreault to intervene, since he said he was deprived of his medication intended for his mental health problems, his diabetes and his Crohn’s disease. He also claims to be confined to a padded prison room since December 11, since he was told he had suicidal thoughts. He also claims that his hand was broken and that he has been deprived of a shower for seven days.

“You have to do something, your honor. I have been detained for two months and still do not receive my medication properly. I am entitled to a glass of water every 6 pm, I get hit and clubbed. I’m wasting away visibly and I feel like I’m becoming a beast. I ask for the same medication I had when I was detained in Ontario, but I get a bunch of nonsense. I wish I could go to the hospital, judge, ”said the detainee.

Justice Michel Boudreault patiently listened to Dupont’s grievances, but told him that he could not intervene directly. “I will send a recommendation, so that the prison authorities pay special attention, if necessary, to your medical situation, particularly in terms of a diagnosis and also for taking medication. That’s all I can do, sir. And if you feel that you are being ill-treated, I invite you to file a complaint, ”said Justice Boudreault.

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