Desjardins tripled skinned at “Bye Bye 2019”

It was to be expected, but Desjardins was the head of Turk number one of “Bye Bye 2019”. His woes over data theft were the subject of three sketches. And not the best of this humorous review, which went from the least good to the best.
C ommençons the best, or rather the best: Guylaine Tremblay, rookie of the year, which represented the greatest asset of this Bye Bye , without forgetting Anne Dorval, irreplaceable. Guylaine Tremblay has simply excelled in Caroline Néron, and his Néron technique to better reach bankruptcy, with his 162 employees, his 21 branches and his two wealthy husbands. Even Alexandre de Téo Taxi followed his advice. We saw her again in a second sketch on the third link, which was less successful.

Other recruits, Julie Le Breton imitated Greta Thunberg in a very ordinary skit, but was better in Vero. Everyone has already imitated Céline, but Anne-Élisabeth Bossé managed to get hers, which had a song about everything, alongside an exasperated taxi driver. A reminder of his participation in Carpool Karaoke . Mehdi Bousaidan had several opportunities to show his talent, little disguised as Patrick Bruel in masso. “What’s the use of wearing a robe?” The seed in the air is how I like to receive! ”He sang to her. Or as an influencer son of desperate parents, seeking medical treatment.

The Bye Bye is produced by Guillaume Lespérance, who also produces Tout le monde en parle . We could hardly strike harder in self-deprecation with “Everyone receives everyone”, where Guy A. (excellent Claude Legault) receives Véro, who receives Pénélope, who receives Jean-Philippe Wauthier, at Radio-Canada. Besides, the shortest sketches were often the most effective, like that of Passe-Partout , with a Madame Coucou who crowned like a carter.

We could hardly strike harder in self-deprecation with “Everyone receives everyone”, where Guy A. (excellent Claude Legault) receives Véro.

We let off steam on the nail fungus ad, which we saw far too much in 2019. “So get calvaisse treatment that we are done with it!” Launched the enraged doctor played by Guylaine Tremblay. Well liked the sketch on the desperate parents of the influencing son, with an excessive ego.

We shouted a lot in this Bye Bye , and not always for the better. Particularly in this sketch on the new food guide, which rejects milk, endless. And in this other, a Quebec 2020 calendar, more irritating than funny.

Pierre Brassard made a surprise visit to François Legault the miraculous, who resisted all criticism, and who designated the people as lepers. In the end, we hardly saw Catherine Dorion. Again, we did not laugh out loud.

The team played daring with some more singular, even misunderstood sketches, including “Mai Poils”, a rap about the fashion of the hair. Simon Olivier Fecteau found his Chick’n Swell friends during a sketch on the floods. Impressive but funny? Not sure, even for a fan of the trio.

Very good final wink, which had to be filmed at the last minute: a fake preview extract of the Bye Bye 2020 , where Jean Charest is ready to set out again in the countryside.

In short, a technically impeccable, moderately funny Bye Bye , where Guylaine Tremblay particularly stood out among the recruits.

François Legault fully played the game by wearing hoodie, in “Infoman 2019”.

Much more cheerful, François Legault fully played the game by wearing hoodies. And admitting the failures of his minister Simon “Robot” Barrette. “We will repair it over the holidays, it will get better in 2020,” said the Prime Minister.

The best presentation of the months of the year goes to Sylvie Fréchette: “Hello, I was told to tell you that it is September.” Bravo for the self-deprecation. One of the good moments recalled the spring floods: the parody of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg , which becomes “… of Ste-Marthe”, with Diane Tell, Jean-François Breau and Chantal Lamarre, based on statements by residents to the news.

Rémi-Pierre Paquin, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Alex Perron, Patrice Michaud, France Castel, Maripier Morin, Jay Du Temple and Luc Dionne, who were handcuffed at the time of his kidnapping, were the guests of “Live from the ‘universe – Special New Year’s Day’.

It looks like there are no limits to the Live from the Universe – New Years Special team . From year to year, we outdo ourselves to impress us. France Castel, Patrice Michaud, Maripier Morin, Jay Du Temple and Luc Dionne, who were handcuffed at the time of his kidnapping, were the guests. Inspired by the twists and turns of Double Occupation , we kidnapped three new guests during the broadcast, Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Alex Perron. And what a wink to wake Normand Brathwaite again, in “back-up” as for Patrick Bruel at the start of the season.

Again, the team went above and beyond to bring international stars, such as the American Aloe Blacc. Alex Perron almost made a syncope when he saw Bonnie Pointer, one of the Pointer Sisters, arrive to take back from him the successes he loves so much. The issue on True Colors , an anthem on the differences between parents and children, capsized me so much it was moving. Everyone gathered in such an issue is still a feat: Gregory Charles and his daughter Julia, Martin Deschamps and his daughter Lou, Guylaine Tanguay and his mother Claircy, Martin Fontaine and his daughter Gabrielle, the two granddaughters of France Castel, Mathieu Gratton and his son Benjamin … The number with the choristers from the Gaspé who came for Patrice Michaud also brought tears.

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