Defective parking meters in Gatineau: water infiltration at issue

Gatineau is not the only one to have experienced difficulties with its new parking meters in the past few days. The City of Montreal too.
T he two municipalities recently awarded a contract to JJ MacKay for the supply, installation and maintenance of parking meters. The glitches began to follow one another following the weather cocktail and the cold temperatures which were observed in the two cities.

Last week in Gatineau, several parking meters refused to cooperate. The devices were sometimes very slow to accept a payment, while others were downright inoperative. Due to these shortcomings, the City was forced to offer free parking at several locations in the downtown area.

Four parking meters repaired

Employees of the firm JJ MacKay were in Gatineau, Monday morning, to inspect their equipment. “They changed defective parts on four parking meters and everything is working again,” said Bianca Paquette, spokesperson for the City of Gatineau. It is reported that there was water infiltration in these devices, humidity and freezing and the thaw did its work. ”

The City of Gatineau specifies that the City of Montreal encountered exactly the same problems with its parking meters. “We remain in contact with the firm that is responsible for maintenance and we will monitor the situation over the next few days,” added Ms. Paquette.

The City of Gatineau spent just over $ 1 million to replace its approximately 450 parking meters and purchase 65 parking meters. The JJ firm, MacKay, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, is also responsible for maintaining the network of parking meters.

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