Death of the girl in Granby: the biological mother intends to continue the DPJ and the CSVDC

A lawsuit in civil court is being prepared by the lawyer of the biological mother of the seven-year-old girl who died in Granby last April. Me Valérie Assouline believes that several organizations and individuals could be at fault in this case and wishes to highlight the many areas of shadows remaining in this case. The DPJ and the Val-des-Cerfs School Board (CSVDC) could be affected by this lawsuit.
The sum of $ 5 million was mentioned by some media on Saturday, but the lawyer, Valérie Assouline, told La Voix de l’Est that the final amount had not yet been decided.

“It will vary depending on the number of organizations and individuals targeted by the lawsuit. It could be more, as it could be less, “said Assouline.

The lawyer wishes to emphasize that this is not “a question of money”, but a desire to highlight the responsibilities of the various parties involved in this case.

“It’s not the number that’s important, but the accountability. That people are responsible for what they did. That’s the purpose of this lawsuit, “she insisted.

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