Death of Riley Fairholm: police complaint partially upheld

The complaint to the Ethics Commissioner by Tracy Wing, the mother of Riley Fairholm, the teenager shot dead by the police in July 2018 in Lac-Brome, has just reached a new stage.
This request will be studied in part, she recently learned. However, some aspects of her complaint were rejected, which is why she is asking for a review of the decision.

Riley Fairholm’s parents file ethics complaint

The commissioner told him in a letter dated July 30, from which La Voix de l’Est obtained a copy, that an ethics inquiry will be conducted regarding certain aspects: all the police intervention that led to the death of Riley Fairholm, the actions of the Sûreté du Québec police officers at the scene after the shooting, the alleged non-compliance with certain obligations under the Independent Investigations Bureau (IBE) Investigations By-law and the actions taken by the SQ liaison officer at the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital after the transfer of the victim.

” I am very satisfied. It will help me to have more information, says Ms. Wing. It’s not necessarily that I want them to be charged criminally, but it’s really to get to the bottom of things. To have the right time. ”

The ethics inquiry will establish whether there is sufficient evidence of a breach of the Code of ethics of Quebec police officers to name one or more officers before the police ethics committee, the document said.

The Commissioner also favors a conciliation with the EIB investigator regarding the allegations concerning the lack of information that should have been transmitted to the family regarding the police ethics process, the CAVAC and the IVAC.

“It’s ok, but it should be the whole team together,” said Riley Fairholm’s mother.


However, the young person’s family is denied a number of allegations, including that the EIB investigation was incomplete. So there will be no investigation at this level, concludes the Commissioner. A decision that laments the mother of the family.

“I like it that way,” insists Tracy Wing. She wants an investigation to be opened, in particular because a witness of some of the events that resulted in the death of her son and whom she met by chance was met by the investigators only in the spring after she made the contact between them, she explains.

Ms. Wing also sent a request for review to conduct an ethical investigation in this regard. These steps, she said, could help to know everything that happened that fateful night of July 2018. And if any failures were committed, corrections could then be made.

“If they did not do well, that does not mean it’s criminal. If you never blame yourself, you can never get better, Ms. Wing believes. Solutions should be found to improve their interventions. “

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