Death of little Rosalie: Audrey Gagnon asks for a new postponement of her file

24-year-old mother Audrey Gagnon, charged with the second degree murder of her two-year-old toddler, Rosalie, and in contempt of a corpse, requested that her criminal record be postponed until the next criminal trial December 2nd.
So no trial date has been set yet. Audrey Gagnon’s lawyer, Mr. Marco Robert, indicated that the 30-month court-ordered court deadline was not a concern for her client, who has been charged since the end of April 2018.

The defense also submitted to the Superior Court a request to discuss the case and the possible trial with Crown Attorney Mélanie Dufour at a facilitation conference. The prosecution has consented to this request, but no meeting date has yet been established.

The accused was present in the detention box to consent to the postponement of her file.

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