Deadly road exit in Levis

A man in his sixties died Friday evening in a violent road trip in Lévis. The loss of control is linked to weather conditions.
T kings people were boarding the vehicle. It was the driver who did not survive; his death was noted on the scene by first responders. The other two passengers suffered serious injuries and were transported to the hospital, although there is no fear for their lives.

The accident involved a single car and occurred around 5:15 p.m. on rue Pierre-Beaumont. According to the Lévis police, it seems that the weather caused the driver’s loss of control, the road being very slippery due to the freezing rain that fell all day. An investigation is underway to determine all the circumstances of the event.

The car was in the ditch and on the roof when the emergency services arrived. The firefighters had to remove the victims from the vehicle. A man in the vehicle following the group of three contacted the police after the accident.

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