Deadly accident in Baie-des-Sables: artists in solidarity with their families

Actress Marianne Fortier and the leader of the Will Driving West group, David Ratté, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the family of Pascale Ratté, struck by the fatal accident that occurred on August 5 Baie-des-Sables, near Matane.
With the help of Helene Bernier, a local resident, the two artists are calling on the generosity of their fans to contribute to the “Help Edward and his family” fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform.

August 5, the terrible accident cost the life to Israel Beaulieu, 41 years old. Edward’s 19-year-old son, who was sitting in the back of the car and was hit hard by a tractor-trailer, was seriously injured. He was first taken to the Rimouski hospital for emergency surgery, before being sent to the Enfant-Jésus Hospital in Quebec City. “The simple fact that he is always here is a miracle,” his uncle, David Ratté, said.

This “miracle” is, according to the singer-songwriter from Baie-des-Sables, the result of a series of events that he describes as incredible: the arrival by chance on the scene of the accident of an emergency physician, a paramedic and a nurse who gave him first aid as well as the doctor Geoffrey Smith who made the ambulance trip to Rimouski with him.

David Ratté highlights the work of surgeon Josée Bilodeau of Rimouski Regional Hospital Center who, according to him, “has done the impossible to stop internal bleeding and preserve vital organs”. “The doctors at Enfant-Jésus keep telling us how Dr. Bilodeau’s operation was an Olympic feat,” he says. If all goes well, Édouard will spend a few months in intensive care in Quebec City and will not be home before Christmas. ”

The crowdfunding campaign aims to allow Pascale, David Ratté’s sister and cousin of Marianne Fortier, to stay in Quebec at the bedside of “his beloved Ned”, who is the eldest of his five children.

For the mother, this represents a significant expense since in addition to being without employment income for months, she has to pay for accommodation and meals as well as her travel expenses, not to mention the costs incurred. by the four brothers and sisters of Édouard who want to see their big brother and who will need consultations in psychotherapy to live the mourning of their father and prolonged hospitalization of their elder.

If the donations raised were to exceed the expenses incurred, Ms. Ratté will pay the excess funds to the foundations of the Rimouski and Enfant-Jésus hospitals in order to express her gratitude for having saved the life of her son.

Actress Marianne Fortier is involved in the campaign.

In Baie-des-Sables, the tragedy touched the heart of the community of just over 600 people. “Many of you are providing comfort food to feed my children while I’m away from them,” said Pascale Ratté on his Facebook page. I really appreciate this solidarity! Also, thanks to my friends Madgy Coll and Jessica Santerre who toured the municipality and raised $ 2430 to help me stay in Quebec with my boy! I am really touched by this mobilization and this generosity! ”

Thursday, the amount collected on the GoFundMe platform had reached more than $ 14,000, on a goal of $ 4000: .

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