Day parole for driver sentenced to life in prison

A repeat driver of alcohol-impaired driving, sentenced to life in prison for hitting and killing a woman in a wheelchair in October 2008, was released on day parole.
The Parole Board of Canada concluded earlier this month that Roger Walsh “does not present an unacceptable risk to society” in the context of day parole, “which is the next necessary step in the process.” progress of his social reintegration ”. The Commission also refuses to grant him full parole for the time being.

This six-month day parole is accompanied by “exit privileges and special conditions related to his risk factors” – including not driving, drinking alcohol or using drugs, being at a bar or contact Ms. Khudaverdian’s family.

Roger Walsh, 67, pleaded guilty in December 2008 of impaired driving causing death for mowing Anee Khudaverdian at Les Cèdres while she was walking with her dog on her 47th birthday. At the time, the Crown sought to have Walsh declared a dangerous offender, arguing that he should have already met 18 conditions for previous impaired driving cases and that his behavior was unlikely to change.

In its decision of December 12, the Parole Board noted that Roger Walsh remained sober behind bars, that he behaved well during outings and employment programs, and that he did progress in areas such as motivation, personal responsibility and introspection.

The Commission, however, denied him full parole, noting that his extensive criminal record and his history of violations of parole conditions required “gradual and well-supervised” release.

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