After her turbulent on-off romance with Ennesto Monté, the reality TV regular is in love again. Danni's new boyfriend is Mallorca emigrant Sohel Abdoulkhanzad.

Reality TV actress Danni Büchner (43) is in love again – that's what she indicated to some Already tagging along with this chain.

Danni Büchner makes her new relationship Public

Your new friend: “Goodbye Germany” colleague Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh (34), here with his ex Jasemin Ehrck and their son.

Danni Büchner makes her new relationship public

From autumn 2020 to summer 2021 she had an on-off relationship with pop singer Ennesto Monté (46).

That's the point

  • Last year Danni Büchner (43) and Ennesto Monté (46 ) talked about themselves with their turbulent on-off relationship.

  • Half a year after the breakup, the reality TV actress is now in love again.

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  • Her new friend is “Goodbye Germany” colleague Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh.

Love has been a difficult topic for reality TV star Danni Büchner in recent years: in 2018 her beloved husband Jens Büchner died of cancer at the age of 49, followed in 2020 by an on-off love drama with pop singer Ennesto Monté (46), which finally fell apart last summer. But now the 43-year-old seems to be happily in love again – with Sohel Abdoulkhanzadeh.

The 34-year-old, like Danni, became known through the reality show “Goodbye Germany”; both emigrated to Mallorca. Rumors of a possible romance have been circulating for a few weeks and a few days ago Sohel's ex Jasemin Ehrck even confirmed the love affair. Only now is Danni making the relationship public.

First, she appeared on Insta with a necklace that reads Sohel. Finally, Insta stories follow in which the newly in love give an insight into a date together: two hands clasped together, champagne glasses and the skyline of Hamburg.

People are already predicting a breakup

Danni is already receiving nasty messages about her relationship that predict a love break-up. In her story on Thursday, she comments in an ironic tone: “I would like to thank the people who foresee my future. Thank you for knowing how long something lasts with me, for knowing how my life will end.”

And further: “Mega, I've always been waiting for this. Very cool, at least I don't have to pay any more money for any card readers.” Finally, she adds: «On that note, keep up the good work and I hope that what you wish for me, you will also get. Twice as much.»

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