Around three years ago, the mother of five lost her husband to cancer. Now, increased tumor markers have also been detected in the blood of the 43-year-old.

Jens Büchner would have turned 52 on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

That's what

  • Danni Büchner (43) lost her husband Jens (49) about three years ago to cancer.

  • During a routine examination it was found that her tumor markers were elevated in her blood.

  • She is overcome with fear at the moment: “What if the same thing happens to me as it does to Jens?”

  • The mother of five worries about her children. But a will has been prepared for a long time.

  • She only receives the all-clear after nine days of fear.

In November 2018, a world collapsed for Danni Büchner (43) and her family. Her husband, TV emigrant Jens, lost the battle against cancer at the age of 49. Now, three years later, the next shock follows: As the mother of five reveals in an interview with RTL, her gynecologist recently put her under suspicion of cancer. During an examination, her tumor markers were elevated in the blood.

«You immediately think: a tumor. Something is wrong with the body. We didn't know what it was », Danni recalls in a shaky voice. But that's not all: their values ​​continued to rise. A situation that unsettled the TV star. “When I think about it now, I cry. I had to go to the MRI and I immediately thought: What if the same thing happens to me as it did to Jens? I shivered for days and thought: what if? (…) When I am no longer what do my children have? ” Because Danni's three children from her first marriage also lost their father at an early age.

Do you mourn or mourn someone you know?

You can find help here:

Offered hand, worry hotline, Tel. 143, offer of the Reformed and Catholic Churches

Muslim pastoral care, Tel. 043 205 21 29, for affected siblings

Verein Regenbogen Schweiz , Help for grieving families

Self-help groups

Pro Juventute, advice for children and young people, Tel. 147

Pro Senectute, advice for older people in difficult life situations

Your will is in place

Just in case, Danni secured himself a few years ago: “When Jens died, I made a will. That is very important here in Spain. ” The document stipulates what happens to her children if she should not be there any more: “That my little children can stay with my older children, that what I have saved stays with my children, that my very best friend is with them looking at my kids. I mean, I have three minors, ”explains Büchner. She was happy that she had saved in the past and made for a nice home.

After a whole new day, Danni received the long-awaited and redeeming call from her doctor: “Thank God he said:” It everything is fine, there is something in your body that increases the tumor marker, but it is not cancer! ›»

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