In order to protect seafarers off the coast of West Africa from pirates, European countries repeatedly send warships into the dangerous area. Now Danish marines killed four attacking pirates.

Denmark recently dispatched the frigate Esbern Snare to the Gulf of Guinea.

Danish soldiers shoot attacking pirates in front of West-Africa

Time and again, ships are victims of piracy there, here the private yacht Le Ponant in 2008.

Danish soldiers shoot people in front of west-africa Pirates

These alleged pirates were arrested by French soldiers.

In the Gulf of Guinea off Africa's west coast, soldiers from a Danish frigate killed four pirates in a gun battle. Another pirate was injured, said the Danish Defense Command on Thursday in Copenhagen. Soldiers of the frigate Esbern Snare were not harmed.

According to the information, a helicopter had noticed a motorboat with eight suspicious men. The pirates responded to the request to stop and warning shots with targeted shots at the Danish units. Her ship then sank after a brief firefight.

The Gulf of Guinea is one of the most dangerous areas for merchant ships. Denmark as a shipping nation has sent the Esbern Snare there to take action against piracy. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is visiting the region these days. A visit to the frigate is also on the program. During the exchange of fire, she was not on board, as the Ritzau news agency reported, citing the State Chancellery.

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