The stormy weather has caused a stir in the past few days and weeks. Above all, Tiktok creators from Northern and Central Europe do not miss it and share their observations and humorous content with the Tiktok community.

Cyclist braved the storm the world-famous rainbow cycle path in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

That's what it's all about

  • One storm follows the next. Violent storms have been alternating in Europe for a few weeks.

  • Users of apps like Tiktok have published videos, some of them frightening.

  • Other creators are inspired and use the situation for creative content.

Switzerland is currently being hit by the storm “Antonia”. It was replaced by the hurricane “Zeynep” (also “Eunice”), which followed the similarly strong storm “Ylenia”. But not only Switzerland, but also some other regions are affected. Creators from all over Europe are currently sharing videos with their observations on Tiktok.

Plane in Zurich has to go around

The wind in Zurich was already blowing so strongly at the beginning of February that a plane had to take off without further ado, since the landing was obviously not classified as safe given the extreme wind conditions.

In the Netherlands, the storm is taken with humor

Creator aidanooshin got particularly creative and shared a video of a stormy rendition of Michael Jackson's “Earth Song”.

The Dutch are making the most of the weather and taking advantage of the updraft.

The world-famous Utrecht Rainbow Cycle Path quickly became Mario Kart's Rainbow Road. Creator pippaholzapfel observed from a safe distance what the gusts of wind were doing to the brave cyclists.

The storm lows are also sweeping through Germany

A current video can be found on the profile of dailychaos01, which has already achieved almost six million views. In this Tiktok you can see a tree collapsing a hut like a house of cards.

Even in this garden in Germany, nothing remains untouched.

In Berlin, pedestrians even had to hold on tight , so as not to be swept away by the wind.

Hamburg resident noeyposselt13 was happy to see that her parked car was unharmed. Things looked very different a few parking spaces to the left.

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Current storm lows ensure numerous new Tiktoks

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