Cruelty to Animals: Heath and Lizotte Prison

Carefree, immaturity, magical thinking, the court was not kind to Bianka Lizotte and William Heath who were sentenced on Friday to jail time in Sherbrooke.
C oupables of cruelty to animals, so they include two dead dogs placed in the freezer, and have ransacked the residence they rented in Magog, Bianka Lizotte and William Heath received their sentences in courthouse Sherbrooke.

William Heath and Bianka Lizotte admit to mistreating their dogs

The suspense was not long for the couple who were invited to take a seat in the detainees’ box before their sentence in the many cases they recognized was imposed.

Lizotte, 21, was sentenced to nine months in prison for the episode of neglect of animals, but also for a major fraud against her former employer, Magog’s Pie X.

Heath, 23, who had a criminal record, was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

On March 25, William Heath and Bianka Lizotte acknowledged failing to provide adequate and adequate food and care for animals they owned.

In February 2018, two of the couple’s dogs were found dead in a freezer in the residence they rented on Stanley Street in Magog.

Seven other loose dogs were in the residence which was heavily damaged by the presence of the animals left practically to themselves for a few weeks.

The count recognized by the couple covers the period from 18 December 2017 to 21 February 2018.

They also recognized the mischief of more than $ 5,000 on the residence on Stanley Street. The amount of damage caused was approximately $ 60,000.

Urine and animal excrement had been left on the floor, while the doors and mosquito nets had been gutted.

For the theft and fraud at a Magog convenience store she worked for, Bianka Lizotte was arrested in late April 2018. She had stolen more than $ 32,000 at Accommodation Pie X in 2017.

Lizotte had stolen and defrauded her employer because he was not giving her enough hours of work. She bought two horses, three purebred dogs and paid for the horse boarding and the dog nursery with the stolen sum.

“Your responsibility is shared for the misdeeds and negligence of animals, but your responsibility is entire for the theft and fraud of your employer. You acted out of greed with reckless and unrealistic financial management. The consequences have been important for your employer. The survival of trade has been jeopardized, “said Justice Conrad Chapdelaine in imposing the sentence.

The suspended sentence for which Heath was sentenced for past crimes has been revoked and he will spend more time behind bars.

“You have only shown nonchalance and carelessness. The damage endangered the financial health of the owner. Your moral responsibility is high. You do not seem to be aware of the harm done, “noted Justice Chapdelaine.

A two-year probation was imposed on both accused. Conditions prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol were ordered by the court.

Me Jean-Marc Bénard defended the accused, while Émilie Baril-Côté represented the public prosecutor in this case.

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