Mass Voll President Nicolas A. Rimoldi was reported for violating the Covid ordinance. The procedure was discontinued – as were some others.

Criminal proceedings against Nicolas A. Rimoldi were dropped again.

Criminal proceedings against Rimoldi set

He wrote on Twitter that he ate in a restaurant without a certificate. Since there are no witnesses and it is also unclear whether the President of Mass Voll published the tweet himself, the Lucerne public prosecutor's office no longer sees any reasonable investigative approaches.

Criminal proceedings against Rimoldi discontinued

Against Rimoldi, here at a demonstration in front of the university in Lucerne, several proceedings have already been discontinued.

That's the point

  • The Lucerne public prosecutor's office is discontinuing proceedings against Mass-Voll President Nicolas A. Rimoldi.

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  • Rimoldi wrote on Twitter that he ate in a restaurant without a Covid certificate. There are no witnesses for this.

  • For the public prosecutor's office, there are no longer any reasonable investigative approaches.

  • Several criminal proceedings have already been brought against Rimoldi discontinued.

“I, without a Covid certificate, have just had an excellent meal inside a restaurant.” Mass Voll President Nicolas A. Rimoldi wrote this in a tweet last September, after the Federal Council had previously decided that restaurants should have a certificate. The Lucerne lawyer Loris Mainardi then reported Rimoldi.

The Lucerne public prosecutor's office opened a procedure in this regard. This has now been discontinued, as reported by “Zentralplus”. When questioned by the police, Rimoldi said that several people had access to his Twitter account. It has not been proven that he himself posted this tweet. He also did not tell the police in which restaurant he is said to have dined. There are no witnesses either. From the point of view of the public prosecutor's office, there are “no other reasonable investigative approaches”, writes the portal.

It is not the first case against the Mass Voll President that has been dropped. A procedure for a picture published on social media also came to nothing: there are almost a dozen people in an interior. Rimoldi is said to have violated the five-person rule that was still in force at the time. Since neither the place nor the time of the recording could be determined, the public prosecutor's office had discontinued the proceedings. Proceedings for participation in an unauthorized demonstration in Lucerne and violation of the mask requirement at a demo in Basel were also discontinued. Further proceedings against the Mass-Full President are still pending.

Rimoldi was reported several times by Lucerne lawyer Loris Mainardi. For his part, he is now considering legal action against the lawyer. “I've really never experienced anything like it. For me, that borders on an abuse of the legal system to silence me,” he says to “Zentralplus”. Mainardi rejects the allegations: it is Rimoldi who mocks the rule of law with provocations.

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