A couple from Florida faces court after having sex in the back seat of a police car and filming themselves. The two lovers face minor fines in court.

Yordan Noah and Summer Watkins filmed themselves having oral sex in a police car .

 Couple films herself having sex in the police car for only fans

The act was filmed by cameras in the police car.

P & auml; rchen films for onlyfans having sex in the police car

The couple wanted to publish the video of their action on the premium content platform Onlyfans.

That's what

  • Since the 24-year-old Yordan Noah could not show a valid driver's license at a police check, the police officer wanted to take the couple to the nearest rest stop.

  • Shortly after leaving, however, the two 24-year-olds began to have fun in the back seat of the patrol car.

  • The couple is said to have filmed each other having sex, to later post the video on Onlyfans to publish.

During a routine check in Florida at the end of November, police stopped 24-year-old Yordan Noah because he was driving his black BMW despite an invalid driver's license. Summer Watkins, Noah's friend, was also in the vehicle. Since this was no longer allowed to drive, the traffic police officer JD Perez-Morales offered them to take them to the next rest stop in the patrol car.

The couple seemed to have had other ideas than the quiet drive to the gas station to bring yourself. Watkins would have suggested to her friend to film an Onlyfans video in the patrol car, as the “New York Post” writes. For a monthly fee, users can view exclusive pictures and videos on the platform, especially erotic and pornographic content is popular.

“May I give him a blowjob back here?”

Then Watkins asked the cop twice if she could give her boyfriend a blowjob in the back of the car. Perez-Morales answered no both times before leaving the patrol car. When checking the video recordings from the car, however, it turned out that the couple had not followed their instructions at all.

“Shortly after I closed the door, the accused unpacked his penis. Watkins then bent down and began to satisfy her boyfriend with oral sex », as Perez-Morales writes in his statement.

” F * ck Five-O “in the police car/h3>

The tapes also feature Summer Watkins saying “F * ck Five-O” while giving oral pleasure to her boyfriend. The expression comes from the series Hawaii Five-O and is considered an insult to police officers. Yordan Noah said the scene with the words «Can you all hear me? She's giving me a blow job in the back seat of a patrol car, “started while he was filming on his cell phone.

When Noah later called a friend on FaceTime, Watkins bragged about her action. “I just gave him a blow job in the back seat of a police car,” the 24-year-old reportedly said, according to the Florida Highway Patrol report.

After he got back in the car, JD Perez-Morales sat Watkins first from the rest stop as planned. A short time later, however, the policeman returned and arrested Watkins for breaking the peace and for indecent and lascivious behavior: In the meantime, Perez-Morales had looked at the recordings of the cameras in the car.

Mild sentences expected

Yordan Noah was arrested for, among other things, driving without a valid driver's license, possession of a regulated substance and indecent exposure in public. Both accused are free after paying their bail, the sentence should be mild.

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