A US couple accidentally streamed their love game on Facebook. 46 contacts were there when the two of them had sex – including the woman's unsuspecting father.

A woman from Mississippi accidentally streamed live from her bed.

 Couple accidentally streams during sex - their father is watching

She was just having sex with her husband.

Paar streams Accidentally during sex - her father is watching

She accidentally hit the livestream button on Facebook.


  • One Mississippi woman was browsing Facebook when her husband joined her.

  • When they were making love, the woman accidentally clicked the livestream button on Facebook.

  • So the couple unwittingly streamed their act of love.

  • The whole thing is incredibly embarrassing for the woman who shared the story on Tiktok.

A horror for many, but a reality for a woman from Mississippi: She accidentally streamed herself live on Facebook while having sex with her husband. But if you think it couldn't get any worse: A total of 46 contacts watched the broadcast – their unsuspecting father also clicked on the link to the live stream.

In a clip on the social network that has now been deleted, the Tiktok user looks back on the embarrassing situation: “I thought my life was over,” she explains. «I cried for a whole week. My husband, however, thinks the whole thing is extremely funny. »

How can something like this happen?

The mishap happened when her husband sneaked up on her while she was scrolling through Facebook on her cell phone. She then simply put her smartphone down without activating the key lock. «Somehow I managed to push the live stream button unnoticed.»

However, many of the viewers who clicked on the live stream immediately noticed that it had to be an oversight. So is a good friend of the Tiktokerin. “My best friend kept calling me so that the program could be briefly interrupted.” But the couple were too absorbed in their lovemaking to notice the calls.

pity in the comments

Fortunately, the woman's phone did not broadcast any images of the sex session, but the couple's moans and sighs could be heard loud and clear. “My father also got involved,” explains the woman. “At first he didn't mention anything to us, but then he made a joke once and we realized that he too was listening.” The father switched off the stream as soon as he realized what was going on.

In the comments on the video, the viewers of the video – which had around 175,000 views before it was deleted – expressed their pity. “If that had happened to me, I would immediately move very far away,” writes one user. Others assure the woman, however, that she is not the only person who has suffered such a mishap. “A good friend of mine accidentally went live while having fun with her partner. We haven't talked about it until today », it says in a comment.

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