Responsible social media giants use their reach not only for expressions of solidarity, but also for calls for donations and to draw attention to the current situation in Ukraine.

The “2Gether” fundraiser was launched on February 25 by various influencers. The initiative supports various aid organizations.

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  • Influencers have been sharing expressions of solidarity on their social media channels since the beginning of the Ukraine war.

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    Some are using their influence and enlightening their vast communities.

  • A group of creators launched the “2Gether” fundraiser last week. It is an association of various online personalities who support various aid projects in Ukraine.

On February 25, the initiative “2Gether – emergency aid for Ukraine” was launched. In a statement, the initiators write: “We are dismayed by the events – it is difficult to understand. The situation is confusing, surreal and changes hourly. Irrespective of further developments, however, it is clear that the people affected by the war need all kinds of help. That's why we want to break out of the paralyzing state of shock. We want to use the opportunities we have and, together, move our communities to support the helpers in the war zone and beyond.»

The influencers use their reach for a good cause and have already been able to reach more than within a few days collect 300,000 euros. The donations are passed on to various aid organizations such as the «German Red Cross» or «Unicef».

Social media in this war

The importance of social media during the current war situation in Ukraine cannot be denied. Updates from the region are also shared by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and the Mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko, via social media channels such as Twitter or Instagram. The ability to communicate easily with a cell phone camera and without a major setup means that information spreads at breakneck speed and is used by traditional media for reporting.

The content manager Anna Dovbysh too , aka annie11tea, now uses her Instagram account to draw attention to her personal situation. A few days ago she shared photos and a video in which she tells her followers how she deals with the strong explosions in her area. Your post goes viral.

Influencers use their reach to educate

Model, actress and influencer Stefanie Giesinger uses her power of influence to express her solidarity. In response to questions from her followers about her Russian origins, she shares the following message in a recent Instagram post: “I get a lot of messages about why I support Ukraine even though I have Russian roots … to put it bluntly: just like many Russians at the moment I'm proud of being Russian, but not of the political situation in Russia. You can love a country but disagree with its leader.»

But she doesn't just leave it at that, she also motivates her community to take action. She shares a link from the NGO «Global Citizen», which lists various charities you can donate to. Tips are also given there on how to behave in this situation in order to provide further support.

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Content Creators Launch Emergency Relief for Ukraine

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