Condo tower project contested on the Cap-Rouge golf course

The neighbors of the Cap-Rouge Golf Club are opposed to a 15-storey condo tower project that could raise ground on the current site of the club house.
“It’s a bit of a shock. The entire Cap-Rouge sector is zoned single-family, “says Pierre Tourangeau, resident in the sector since 2002.

In the spring, Le Soleil explained that the club wanted to ask the City for a zoning modification to allow the construction of residential buildings. At the time, it was about six to eight story buildings.
A residential project at the Golf de Cap-Rouge

Since then, resistance has been organized. “We seem to understand that the golf club favors a 15-story project. It’s enormous. It’s like a blow to the forehead in a single family neighborhood. It will change the urban landscape and increase car traffic, ”added the spokesperson for a committee which today has around 200 citizens.

For the time being, the committee is opposed to any change in zoning. “We don’t want golf to disappear and we want to support them in an approach to make their activities sustainable. But if to solve the current financial problems, we build towers on the golf course, what will happen in three or four years if there are other difficulties? Are they going to get rid of hole-by-hole golf? We don’t want it to develop in an anarchic way. ”

According to Mr. Tourangeau, there are four promoters interested in the golf project. The board of directors should retain one by mid-February. He must then turn to the City to continue his representations with a view to a zoning modification.

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