Because the Inseli has to be rebuilt, the Määs can no longer take place there in the future. However, there is strong resistance among the citizens and in the city parliament. In the meantime, a popular initiative is on the way, which is apparently forcing the city council to think twice.

Because of the Inseli initiative, the Määs has to move from its location, the city council announced in January.

City overturns Inseli timetable due to M’s resistance

The city council had announced that the Määs in its current form could no longer take place on Inseli from 2027.

city throws Inseli-timetable because of Määs resistance

This was the conclusion of a feasibility study commissioned by the city. It says that the “green island” initiative cannot be implemented without restricting the Määs.

That's the point

  • In 2017, the Inseli initiative was adopted. It demanded that the car park disappear and the green area be enlarged.

  • Recently it became apparent that the Määs can no longer be carried out as usual.

  • The city had previously promised that the Määs would not be affected.

  • After an initiative launched to keep the Määs at the previous location and discussions in parliament the city presents a new schedule.

The Määs has to move from its location because of the Inseli expansion. The Lucerne City Council announced this in January. The result: great resistance. The population was said to have been lied to. In an urgent interpellation, the FDP accused the city council of breach of word, and the city justified its actions. Within a short time, more than 3,400 signatures came together on a petition to receive it. And: The initiative “The Määs must stay on the Inseli!” was announced. The collection of signatures should start soon.

Adapted timetable should enable better discussion

The city government has now apparently become clear that the decision on this matter has not yet been finally made. The city council is now buying more time. As he announced on Tuesday, the “loan for the project planning of the Inselis will not be applied for in June 2022, as announced, but only in early 2023 with the City Council”. “During the discussion on the subject in the City Council, it became apparent that it would be difficult for Parliament to approve the project loan if the City Council was unable to provide any information on the alternative location of the Määs,” says Building Director Manuela Jost. “We are now starting a project so that we can provide information on alternative location options by the end of the year.” At the same time, the results of the study on the future locations of the stopping places for coaches should also be available by then.

At the same time, the city council also wants an attitude to the popular initiative “The Määs must stay on the Inseli!” develop. In January, the city announced that Määs had to leave Inseli. “Right now, that's the current stance. However, I cannot anticipate a discussion on this in the city council,” says Jost. And further: “The initiative was only recently launched, it is currently in the preliminary examination. If it comes about, we have to formulate an answer to it.” The construction director cannot yet say where alternative locations for the Määs and car stopping places could be.

The city's goal now is for a competition to be launched in 2023 to redesign the Inselis. The Inseli is to be redesigned in 2027. “With the new schedule, commissioning is possible from 2028 at the earliest,” says the city.

Committee wants to enable dialogue with initiative

“We are amazed at the decision that the city council is now adapting its approach,” says Thomas Gfeller, leader of the SVP parliamentary group in the large city council and member of the initiative committee. The committee is bothered by the fact that the city council presented the population with a fait accompli when the Määs left. «The Määs should remain, even if this should be in a reduced form. But we also have to be able to discuss it,” says Gfeller. “Should the city council move away from its position, then we would of course be happy.” The committee will fight for a dialogue with the collection of signatures. Gfeller: “We are ready.”

“I can understand that the city council wants to wait and see because of the car parking areas, the initiative and because of the through station,” says Mitte President Karin Stadelmann. Stadelmann does not understand this, however, and she finds the postponement to 2023 difficult: “This is another tiresome stone in the permanent construction site for Inseli. Nothing changes for us. We will collect the signatures and then discuss it in Parliament, even if it won't be until 2023.” The Määs must remain in the city, the population voted in 2017 because of false promises. «The city council should be honest and admit it clearly.»

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