Many countries on the African continent still have very low vaccination rates. Now Africa is to get 600 million vaccine doses from China, another 400 million are to be produced in cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants Support Africa with a billion vaccine doses against the coronavirus.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping promises Africa one million vaccination doses

He communicated this via video call as part of the China-Africa cooperation forum.

 Chinese President Xi Jinping promises Africa one million vaccination doses

The representatives of various African countries discuss the common strategy at the forum with China, the largest trading partner on the African continent.

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  • is aboutChinese President Xi Jinping promised one billion vaccine doses for the African continent at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum moves.

  • The African Union had set itself the goal of achieving a vaccination rate of 60 percent by the end of 2021.

< p>In the fight against the corona pandemic, China's head of state and party has promised the African continent a billion vaccine doses. In a video speech at the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Focac) in Dakar, Senegal, Xi Jinping said on Monday that China wants to provide 600 million vaccine doses free of charge. Companies on both sides should produce another 400 million.

1500 skilled workers from China

The aim is to increase the vaccination rate in Africa. Xi Jinping referred to the goal of the African Union (AU) to achieve a quota of 60 percent this year. Xi Jinping announced that China will also send 1,500 medical professionals in teams to Africa to support them. According to experts, the vaccination rate in many African countries is only in the single-digit range.

At the two-day forum, China wants to work with African countries on the course for cooperation over the next three years and beyond and give new momentum to relations, as Foreign Office spokesman Wang Wenbin told journalists in Beijing.

China is Africa's largest trading partner for twelve years. The People's Republic accounts for a fifth of African foreign trade. China is also lending a lot to Africa and investing heavily. According to official Chinese figures, investments from China reached US $ 2.96 billion last year – an increase of 9.5 percent compared to the previous year.

China gains influence

The Chinese investment stocks in Africa climbed to 43.4 billion US dollars in 2020, making China the fourth largest investor, ahead of the USA – behind the Netherlands, Great Britain and France. One third of China's investments went into the construction sector for economic zones, roads and bridges and one fifth into mining. According to estimates by US experts, the loans from China to Africa between 2000 and 2019 add up to 153 billion US dollars. Critics fear that sooner or later many African countries will be completely under Chinese influence if they can no longer repay the enormous loans.

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