The physical and mental condition of the Princess of Monaco continues to give cause for concern. Now Michael Wittstock reveals how his 43-year-old daughter is actually doing.

Princess Charlène is currently in a clinic outside Monaco to be treated for psychological and physical problems. Now her father Michael Wittstock expressed himself for the first time and assured: «I am confident that she will make it and come back much stronger.»

 Father of Charl & egrave; ne speaks about her state of health

The 75- Year-old and mother Lynette Wittstock (pictured with Charlène's brothers Sean and Gareth) were unable to visit their daughter during her six-month stay in South Africa because of the pandemic.

father of Charl & egrave; ne speaks & uuml; About her state of health

Prince Albert also recently spoke again about his wife's state of health.

That's what

  • Princess Charlène has been struggling with health problems for months.

  • The 43-year-old has been receiving treatment in a private clinic since last month – rumor has it in the Zurich Paracelsus Recovery.

  • Her husband, Prince Albert (63), recently gave the French newspaper «Paris Match» an update. Accordingly, the princess “does not suffer from a serious or incurable disease”.

  • Now her father Michael Wittstock (75) is also talking about his daughter.

Princess Charlène was on a nature conservation mission to South Africa in spring 2021. A planned one-week stay turned into almost six months. The 43-year-old caught a severe ear, nose and throat infection and was not allowed to fly on the advice of her doctors. She did not return to Monaco until the beginning of November, only to be treated for psychological and physical problems shortly afterwards outside the principality – rumor has it in the Zurich private clinic Paracelsus Recovery.

What exactly Charlène is missing is unclear. Her husband, Prince Albert, told the French newspaper “Paris Match” only this much: “The princess does not suffer from a serious or incurable disease.” Now her father Michael Wittstock spoke up for the first time and reveals how lonely his sick daughter must have been in South Africa – far from her Monegasque family and her parents.

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No visit was possible due to Corona

The South African and his wife Lynette Humerstone Wittstock (64) did not visit Charlène once during their stay, as the 75-year-old regretfully admits to the South African news portal “You”.

But the reason for the absence the Wittstock sounds sensible. “At our age we have to be very careful. I didn't want to infect her either, because she had undergone so many medical interventions and she was vulnerable, “said Charlène's father – alluding to the global corona pandemic.

Despite the missed reunion, the princess was in contact with her parents. «We talked on the phone regularly and I speak to the twins. We have an excellent relationship », says Michael Wittstock.

« She comes back stronger »

The belief in his daughter, who was a former Olympic swimmer , he has not lost. On the contrary: Although Charlène looked clearly weakened in the most recent photos after the numerous interventions, the 43-year-old is a fighter.

«My daughter swam 20 kilometers a day», says her father – and continues: «Given the way she trained, I know that she is strong. I am confident that she will make it and come back much stronger. ”

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